Second Ontario School Removes Wifi Due to Health Concerns

PETERBOROUGH, ON, Oct. 11, 2011 /CNW/ - A Peterborough school has removed its WiFi and replaced it with a hard-wired internet system due to health warnings.


'This eliminates any concerns about the safety of using WiFi in a school setting,' said Adam Parker, Principal of Wayside Academy, a private (K-12) Catholic school.

In May the World Health Organization warned that microwave radiation from WiFi, and other wireless devices is now considered a 'Possible Carcinogen' and placed it on the same list as DDT, lead, and car exhaust.

In September another school in Collingwood removed its WiFi, and the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario is investigating whether WiFi is safe for Ontario classrooms.


Radiation from all directions!

by Christer Alm, chairman of 'Miljöringen rf.', in Borgåbladet, October 1, 2011

The television program Silminnäkijä (of September 21, 2011) covered potential health effects of wireless Internet connections, base stations, radiowaves, non-ionizing radiation, etc. The Finnish Radiation Protection Agency STUK was again given a prominent role - that s where the expertise in Finland is - since they at the same time are part of the ICNIRP in which safe limits for this type of non-ionizing radiation is determined. The Finnish environmental organization 'Miljöringen rf.' already several years ago gave their Winnie ('price of shame') to a Director at STUK for stubbornly only caring about the so-called SAR thermal radiation value from cell phones and, at the same time, completely ignoring the biological harmful effects that can be detected at values thousands of times below the SAR guideline.

The TV program focussed on Mr. Jani Erhama, now 40 years of age, who two years ago were exposed to base station radiation in his work as a mast technician/fitter where he climbed the telecom masts all over Finland. But this time he was exposed at full strength - Jani Erhama not knowing that the base station was activated. Thus, a typical occupational accident. He got ill at once and the next day he received hospital treatment. He has been ill since then and is still incapacitated. But - as revealed in the TV program ? the continuation of his story has - in our opinion at least ? been tainted with macabre traits.

Erhama was exposed to radiation exceeding the recommended maximal value - that is recognized by everyone - but according to STUK this excess SAR was not high enough to mean that the symptoms may be due to the very same radiation. Finnish doctors must adhere to the conclusion that STUK s limits are safe. So, no Finnish doctor dare to write that the electromagnetic radiation Erhama was exposed to actually caused his disease.

We know the 'problem' better than well. It is impossible for the establishment to admit that damage can occur below these thresholds. STUK sees no reason to reduce that level as defined by the ICNIRP, in which STUK s experts and physicians are members helping ICNIRP to set the very same limits. Typically a case of circular reasoning.

In the program, the STUK and ICNIRP members Kari Jokela and Maila Hietanen did admit that in the future the state of research may be different and then one will be prepared to re-design the damage and radiation limits. Now, Kari Jokela instead critized the warnings and demands for caution issued by the EU. In summary, according to Jokela and Hietanen, there is thus no danger, and at present there is no reason to tighten exposure limits and regulations.

Naturally, Maila Hietanen from STUK had to, of course, admit that secure radiation limits is a little problematic. Can one speak of an absolutely secure limit that applies to all people, regardless of age, health, EMF sensitivity, etc.? Most likely not. So the safe limit is a line drawn in water?

Elsewhere in the world, in contrast to STUK, and ICNIRP, one does not agree at all. The current guidelines are totally obsolete and should be renewed as soon as possible. One is very critical of the notion that only the SAR and thermal effects are accepted.

One of the professors who has been criticising the mobile radiation 'safe' exposure limits is Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. In the TV program, he said that he hopes that he and his equals are wrong, that this non-ionizing radiation is not as bad as critics fear - and have concluded in their research. However, if Olle Johansson, Hardell, Hyland, Santini, Hänninen et al are right then we all are in trouble.

And what shall we answer those people who can not tolerate this new radiation? That 'it is only between their ears', which Wendla Paile, medical doctor at STUK did? (A formal complaint was filed at the Finnish JO (an authority for legal complaints) because of this remark.) Is this the price we must pay for the current technological development - that people have to flee into the woods and live in small huts and mobile homes to escape the mobile society s harms?

Ralph Greub wrote in the 1960ties the book 'Nuclear power plants - the silent killers'. His future version is somewhat depressing, 'In the future, the healthy will not be sufficient enough in number to care for the sick.' In today s world, with some sort of record at hand, was he right or wrong?

[translation from Swedish to English by prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden]

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The Radio Free Zone WV


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WHO studies evaluate risk In May 2011, the WHO s International Agency for Research on Cancer did a review of existing research on the effects of exposure to such electromagnetic fields. It found that, for most cancers, the available evidence was...


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