Request for health report as cancer cases increase


By Barrie Trower

On Friday, 7th October, 2011, I had a meeting with the Schools Minister; with me were: A Primary Schoolgirl, her parents and a University Lecturer. The reason for the meeting was that the girl had no option - in her area - other than to attend a school with WiFi. The parents requested a WiFi-free school.

The Minister suggested looking for a 'Free School'.

I explained (with research documents) that there was no known safe level of microwave irradiation for an embryo, foetus, child, pregnant student or teacher - especially in the first 100 days of pregnancy, when embryonic defence systems are not established. Continuing, I said I had challenged scientists in every country I have lectured - and I have visited a lot of countries - to appear with me, live on TV, and announce this safe level; to date, not one has come forward.

The Minister said he was powerless to order WiFi out of any school, without the say-so of the HPA.

Stressing the known genetic/ovarian damage from microwaving mammalian species, I asked for a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Replying, the Minister said 'You cannot go from being a Teacher to seeing the Prime Minister'.

Concluding, I quoted research on humans during the Cold War, where 47.7% of females suffered miscarriages within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy from deliberate microwaving (at levels lower than that of a classroom of laptops).

The Minister advised writing to him (not more than 3 sides - or it will not be read); thence he would pass it to the HPA.

NB: Does anybody know the whereabouts of Sir William Stewart? Maybe this could be forwarded to him and he could contact the Prime Minister.

Barrie Trower
3 Flowers Meadow
TQ12 6UP
Tele: (01626 821014)

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Request for health report as cancer cases increase

The mayor is concerned because many diseases are produced by two antennas.


Rojales Town Council request the Department of Health epidemiological report that it contains a listing of the number of neighbors who have some type of disease, especially cancer, by detecting an increase in the urban center of this type of ailment. In particular, the high number of women suffering from this disease in the chest and reside in the vicinity of two mobile phone masts.

As explained by the PSOE mayor, Antonio Perez, seeks to know if the municipality is within normal parameters by number of inhabitants in the incidence of cancer and other diseases because 'it is rare that so many cases are taking place and neighbors are alarmed.'

Has been told this means directly from one of the women suffering from breast cancer, the oncologist at the Regional Hospital of Torrevieja which has been shown is surprised by the large number of women in this town that caters for the same ailment. 'I was wondering where he lived, what was Rojales, and I said what s on everyone's mind: What's in urban and mobile antennas Segura river splits into two people,' he explains.

Has been told this means, since 2003 there have been around two mobile phone masts at least 24 people affected by various diseases from cancer to abortions, to premature births, malformations and chronic renal failure, among others. Three residents in the vicinity of the antenna next to the local office of the County Council have already died.

In addition, this antenna, along which lies a few meters from the offices of the local police in Rojales, does not comply with the rules of distance from these facilities to public schools and parks, since it is located a few meters from the Institute of Education Secondary municipal day care child health center and public parks Rojales.

Also outline that in a building attached to the antenna next to the office of the County, home to 17 families, there have been eight cases of cancer and other diseases.

Write a new local ordinance

The Mayor of Rojales, Antonio Perez, said yesterday that he is drafting a new ordinance that will regulate the installation of mobile antennas in the municipality, and where to place 'away from the town' to "give the public a service and at the same time does not harm allegedly health.' On the possibility of forcing mobile companies to remove the two antennas located in the center said that 'it is our intention.' Hence, the wording of the Ordinance. In mid-March 2004 when he began to detect the disease in nearby Rojales the two antennas, the mobile operators then 'dismissed' by a spokesman for the existence of cause and effect between the electromagnetic waves produced by the mobile phone masts and disease detection.



Autism and Electromagnetic Waves

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Canada won t issue Wi-Fi warning: Health Minister


Health Canada?

If a cell phone can hurt a child,which it appears Health Canada is concerned about, then why would it not hurt an adult? For instance, if you place a 5 pound veal roast in an oven set the heat at 350 and it takes 2 hours to cook and then you place a 5 pound tough blade roast in the same oven at 350. It will also cook except the latter will take longer! It s just a matter of time.

Wake up Health Canada and start to tell us THE TRUTH!!

Robert R

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Phone Masts and Breast Cancer: 'Request for health report as cancer cases increase'



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