Bioelectromagnetic phenomena are affected by aggregates of many radiofrequency photons

I presented at the International Conference on Environmental Indicators (ISEI), Sept. 11-14, a paper titled

Bioelectromagnetic phenomena are affected by aggregates of many radio-frequency photons

The abstract is:

This paper addresses the argument stating that since the energy of a single Radio Frequency (RF) photon is extremely small it cannot influence matter significantly and therefore RF radiation cannot cause cancer. The argument is shown to be wrong since most known phenomena and uses of RF radiation involve many photons acting in unison. For example in a particle accelerator a multitude of RF photons act simultaneously on a single elementary charged particle. We show that his holds for particle physics, capacitors, fluorescent tubes, radio communications, RADAR and living tissues. These phenomena are best treated by considering RF radiation as a wave phenomenon.

Bioelectromagnetic phenomena are affected by aggregates of many radiofrequency photons

The link to the full paper is:


Michael Peleg,

More about the theme:


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