The Israeli ministry of education is going to limit the use of cell phones in schools

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The Israeli ministry of education did not accept the Council of Europe's recommendation to limit cell phone use in schools completely. Two lawyers approached the ministry and said that they need to do something to limit the use, and better sooner than later. Following this request, the ministry starts 'wise use' of mobile phone - to use ear piece, to talk only in special areas for this, not in classrooms, to prefer SMS.

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Subject: The Israeli ministry of education is going to limit the use of cell phones in schools

The Israeli ministry of education is going to limit the use of cell phones in schools.

Please read more about it at: http://norad4u.blogspot.com/2011/09/israeli-ministry-of-education-is-going.html

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Computers in schools

New Zealand Herald

The impacts of such elevated levels of electromagnetic radiation are as yet unknown although it s accepted it s likely to interfere with biological processes and there are fears it can cause cancer and harm developing brains...


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