More Inconvenient Truths About Cell Phone Radiation


Careful Analysis of Study Claiming No Brain Tumor Risk from Childhood Cell Phone Use Shows the Abstract and Conclusions are Misleading

This is a good example of deceptions in science - where a study's abstract and conclusions do not match the results found in the text.



Readers response to Sun article stating nothing to fear from WI FI



8:10 PM on August 4, 2011

Here s the old sunlight analysis again: Xrays are electromagnetic radiation similar to sunlight. You try going into a room with Xray equipment without protection and see what happens! Wifi equipment has a lower frequency than light yet it penetrates walls. Light does not. It seems to me that the specific wave length has a fair bit to do with it as to how it behaves whether long or short . About 60 % of insurance companies no longer underwrite manufacturers of wifi equipment for liability. Insurance companies generally do not forgo a huge sector of the market if the risk is reasonable. BC Hydro built their case for safety on the World Health Organization. Now that electromagnetic radiation has been upgraded as a possible carcinogen by the WHO, BC Hydro pooh poohs it. There are enough studies by reputable scientists to suggest possible harm. Your article looks like a propaganda piece from BC Hydro. Are there perhaps some ads coming your way for smart meters?

Smart Meter Video

I am in Stockbridge Massachusetts visiting family where SMs were rolled out almost two years ago. I made this short video (76 seconds) a couple of days ago - it shows how SMs transmit constantly.



PG&Es 'Smart Meter' Opt-Out Plan - Public Hearing

We were only given permission to tape after much haggling and showing them a copy of the California Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Acts language with the key sections highlighted.

(Thanks to Barbara George, Womens Energy Matters)

After that meeting, we were told, we would not be able to tape, but they would have it webcast. We were told if they were ever unable to webcast, they would allow us to then tape again. However, the right for any participant of any public meeting to tape, either audio or video, if it isn t intrusive, is guaranteed under this act. Government Code Section 11120-11132 (section 11124.1).

None of the utilities looked pleased about this.

And unfortunately, before we could begin taping, we missed some really good comments from our side.

Anyway, here is what we were able to record:

PG&Es 'Smart Meter' Opt-Out Plan - Part 1 of 2

This is the first of two parts of the second pre-hearing conference on the CPUC proceeding regarding PG&Es 'smart meter' opt-out proposal. CPUC Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa is presiding. EON is an official 'party' or 'intervenor' in the proceeding along with the EMR Safety Network, Marin County and a number of other county and municipal governments and citizens' groups opposing the forced wireless meter installation program.. Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric were invited to participate in this pre-hearing conference, but as of now, will not be a part of this proceeding focusing on the PG&E opt-out proposal.

Part 2 to follow.


EON The Ecological Options Network 'Documenting Solutions'

Informant: Martin Weatherall


PG&E to Offer Opt Out SmartMeter Option


Thomas managed to remove her own SmartMeter, but argues that she has not been able to shield her home from the electromagnetic frequencies of the other meters in her area. 'The meters from my next door neighbors are still emitting this radiation that...


More about the theme:


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