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Grave: 9 people die of cancer under the influence of mobile antenna in Salta

A report by the San Rafael Hospital in that town, says that the patients died of prostate cancer, uterus, pancreas, kidney and brain

Wednesday, 13/07/2011 | 17:47 PM

The Manager of the Hospital San Rafael in the town of El Carril referred to the Attorney s report required environmental health monitoring in due course, from the concerns expressed publicly by the inhabitants of that city before the installation and operation of a cellular phone antenna Belranose streets and Pellegrini, belonging to the company Telecom Personal.

The Prosecution had requested last June 15 at the Coordination Office of Epidemiology, Ministry of Public Health studies report the existence or not of pathologies related to RF exposure in the vicinity of the antenna, must-if not - to propose a specific action plan for that location.

***The manager of the hospital, Dr. Dario Isasmendi reported that analyzed the cases registered between 2006 and 2010, taking into account the perimeter of 600 meters of the antenna, it was determined a total of 19 fatal cases, of which 10 were men and 9 women.***

In their report, Isasmendi established a total of 9 patients who died under probable influence of the antenna (3 men and 6 women) who suffered various cancers, including prostate, bile, uterus, liver, kidney, pancreas and brain.

Also, the other ten cases involved people who were not under the influence of the antenna, but the causes are similar, except for one case, so in his final conclusion Isasmendi said that 'there is probable relationship of influence of cell phone antenna in question.'

However, the official said that 'can not show the sequence that demonstrates the effect of emissions from the antenna to develop the conditions described.'

In view of this, adding that 'remain pending intensified surveillance in the area of the influence of the antenna.' This considering that the number of deaths in the catchment area of ??the antenna - 600 meters - equivalent to 50% of cases in the whole people.

It is worth to note that the latest scientific chronicles published in June by the World Health Organization and Associations class U.S. scientist accidentally reveal the need for testing.

Generally only been associated more closely with the electromagnetic fields to the brain cancers, having the hospital report a single case, which becomes non-significant in-epidemiological levels.

However, the above studies have established that there is still no categorical conclusion about the influence of mobile phone masts as a spreader of diseases epidemiology of cancer types.

Faced with this uncertainty of scientific court net, it is noted that the national and provincial laws (25 675 and 7070) the environment contains two parameters to decide to enable these projects, such as antennas.

The principle of 'prevention', which states that in practice, the applicant must conduct a study and obtain a certificate of environmental and social competence.

In this procedure, among several issues, the company has to predict the environmental and social impact of the antenna and analyze all the risks that could cause, make a plan for tracking and monitoring, for providing funding for compliance, and report permanently society.

Moreover, the 'precautionary' principle requires two basic practical tasks. First, avoid making a decision enabling features that can be extremely hazardous to the environment and the surrounding people, and second, do a cost-benefit analysis to enable it, which, because of that uncertainty, requires that a decision involving possibly affected by hearing, in which citizens, beneficiaries of mobile phone service, express themselves and understand the impact of radio on your health. Failure to follow these steps, the municipal ratings are void in law.

Informant: Iris Atzmon

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