How Drug Companies Corrupt Medical Journals



Child victims of the chemical cosh: Boy who killed himself after taking Ritalin


Ten year-old Harry Hucknell kissed his mother Jane and older brother, David, goodnight before going upstairs to his bedroom and locking the door. He then hanged himself with a belt from his bunk bed. His father blames Harry s death on two ?mind-altering? drugs that his son had been prescribed by a psychiatrist to cure his boisterous behaviour and low spirits. Now, a distraught Mr Hucknall is to make a formal complaint to the NHS for prescribing his son Ritalin, a cocaine-like stimulant which, paradoxically, is said to calm down a child, and Prozac, a powerful antidepressant. 661,000 prescriptions are dished out annually in Britain to treat childhood ADHD - double the figure of five years ago. These medicines are being given to very young children - one aged just 15 months. ?I think ADHD is a disease invented by drug companies' - Darren Hucknell. ?Harry ended up taking two drugs that work against each other - the Prozac that fights depression and the Ritalin that can cause it. How can that be right??

Sue Reid, Daily Mail


Even pediatricians want suicide warning placed on ADHD drugs


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