CN Tower EdgeWalk: Thrill seekers may get more than they paid for

This is so crazy, but isn t it exactly why it s so 'normal' today?....

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Pick of the Week #26: CN Tower EdgeWalk: Thrill seekers may get more than they paid for.

May 11, 2011. The Toronto CN Tower, the world s tallest tower at a height of 1815 feet, is offering a new attraction for those wanting a great view of Toronto and a real thrill: EdgeWalk. Starting August 1st 2011, for only $175, you will be able to walk around the outside of the CN Tower with a hook to an overhead rail keeping you in place! Read Carola Vyhnak s report in the Toronto Star.

Those who participate may get an adrenalin rush not only from the height but also from the radiation.

According to one source, when the CBC built their building on Front St. W., across from the CN Tower, they had to install a lot of shielding to prevent interference.

Are levels of radio frequency radiation at and near the Toronto CN Tower safe?

To read more, download two documents from Zory s Archives regarding the CN Tower and to learn why Canada believes levels are safe while US believes levels are harmful visit . .. .


Magda Havas


Radiation over the edge: Prof

Metro Canada - Toronto

Havas says her issue is not with the CN Tower but with Health Canada s guidelines. She claims the Canadian standards monitoring electromagnetic radiation are outdated. 'They are way out of line,' says Havas. 'They were set to protect military personnel ...


Canada s code not as tough as Toronto s

Metro Canada - Toronto

The Canadian Radiofrequency Energy Guidelines, known as Safety Code 6, set the electromagnetic radiation limit at 1 mW / cm2 for unlimited public exposure at a 1800 mHz frequency. Complicated math, this calculation means the Canadian limit is 10 ...


Informant: Martin Weatherall

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