Large Proportion of Bee Populations Dead or Dying

Establishing Why Bees Die Off

The pandemic has reached global proportions Softpedia Britain is one of the countries most severely affected by this decline, with a large proportion of its bee populations already dead or dying. ...



Bee numbers in England fell by more than half over the last 20 years


England's bees are vanishing faster than anywhere else in Europe, with more than half of hives dying out over the last 20 years, according to a new study. ...



A World without Bees

?If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.? Albert Einstein



Bouquet for busy bee Mary after stinging Dail attacks

Irish Independent

So, with half of the worldwide bee population dying annually from widespread disease and serious repercussions for the ?366bn global food crop industry, ...



SmartStax Corn: Corporate War on Bees


Honey production falls as bees dying

Times of India

Those running these societies approached a Japan-based research centre for finding a solution and were informed that the honeybees were dying due to a ...



Man meets nature

Business Gazette

The bees are dying. Across America, beekeepers are waking up to find that the colonies they have cared for are missing. Honey isn't the only industry ...



Honey production falling as bees face starvation

Bihar Times

The number of boxes used here for bee keeping has come down from about 100 to less than ... that the honeybees were dying due to a disease called sac brood. ...



Honeybees Dying: Scientists Wonder Why, and Worry About Food Supply

ABC News

Cell phones are linked to the mysterious disappearance of honeybees. The bees have been dying in extraordinary numbers, and scientists are trying to figure ...



The 4-Year Hunt for the Honey Bee Killer

CBS News

(CBS) Among beekeepers, the buzz this spring is about more colonies of honeybees dying. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports researcher Jerry ...



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