Wireless routers in schools may be harming students and staff

I have written an Open Letter (requested by a mother who is trying to protect her children in school) explaining that the frequencies for wireless routers are similar to those used by cell phones. If this letter can encourage schools to reconsider going wireless or consider removing existing wireless technology then please forward and use as you see fit. It is an open letter to those who care about the health and safety of children in schools. I will also place it on my website for download.

Magda Havas

Wireless Routers in Schools May Be Harming Students and Staff

Informant: Martin Weatherall/Iris Atzmon


New clip - RF EMR from a Wifi router at different distances

I just uploaded a new clip on my YouTube channel about "RF EMR from a Wifi router at different distances". Please watch it, forward it to others, embed it on your site and press the "like" button :-)

About the clip: WIFI routers and access points emit Electromagnetic radiation all the time, even when there is no computer or laptop connected to them. The only way to stop the emission is to turn the WIFI feature OFF on the router. In this video we will show the levels of RF EMR emitted from a WIFI router from about 20 cm, 1 meter and 2 meter from it, showing that even 2 meters away from the router there are measurable levels.

If you like the video please press "like" and forward to other.

No Rad


Informant: Iris Atzmon


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