Taming the Microwave Dragon

If you haven't has a chance to share Magda Havas' recent video, I hope you will.

It is really quite spectacular:


Smart meters: Extremely Stupid Idea, Poorly Researched, Unsafe, Unhealthy, Dangerous to all life on earth

Smart meters are extremely dangerous. In California and Maine there are many people protesting these and forcing the state to come up with alternatives, due to concerns over health and safety, primarily. It is ludicrous to try to stop global warming to save lives and use something very harmful to living beings to do this (also, it doesnt work). Absolutely do not accept any other information before researching this thoroughly. Do not use industry info nor studies (such as the one that always is used, touting that smart meters give off less radiation than cell phones - actually, they radiate the full body up to 160 times more than that of a cell phone). Utilities and smart meter companies have developed propaganda that is intended to manipulate the public. Visit http://www.smartmeterdangers.org for the scientific truth. I have two smart meters on my home and they are absolutely horrific to live with, have led to hearing damage and many dangerous health effects. Lock up your old meters, guard them - do not allow a new meter to be installed. I would not have allowed installation under any conditions if I knew it would ruin my health, my property, and my life. Visit http://www.smartmeterdangers.org and join the Facebook Cause: American Coalition Against Smart Meters http://www.causes.com/causes/594297-american-coalition-against-smart-meters ... today!

Informant: Mark G.


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