Increased Risk in Malignant Brain Tumors

February 18,2010. Another study by Hardell's group documents an increased risk in malignant brain tumors. Their sample size consisted of 1,251 cases and 2,438 controls. The highest risk was documented for astrocytomas, a common type of glioma. Image on right shows an astrocytoma at 3 o'clock. Authors report an increased risk for brain tumors of 170% with cell phone use and 80% with cordless phone use after 10-years. In a separate analysis the highest risk for astrocytomas was among those who began using mobile phones before the age of 20. For this group the risk increased by 390% for cell phones and 290% for cordless phones. The risk for gliomas and mobile phone use increased with latency time and cumulative hours of use, which suggests a dose-response relation that is apart of the Bradford-Hill criteria for causation.

The results of this study do not bode well for the young generation of cell phone users. Unfortunately, this radiation permates our society and those who use a cell phone are contributing to second-hand radiation such that anyone near cell phone antennas is also exposed to this radiation.

To read more visit: http://www.magdahavas.com/2011/03/03/cell-phone-study-warning/

Cell phones affect brain-what about cell towers?

50 minutes of cell phone radiation

March 3, 2011. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is considered one of the most influential publication used by the health industries to disseminate information to doctors. Many years ago, it had been used to advertise that cigarets were safe. Pictures of doctors where shown smoking and they often endorsed certain brands.

So when doctors read about a National Institutes of Health cell phone study in that journal that shows 50 minutes of cell phone radiation increases metabolic activity in the brain - it's a big red flag and an unlucky strike against the wireless industry.

Click HERE to read the study http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/305/8/808.short

Neither Health Canada nor the wireless industry scientists can provide the disinformation that 'non-thermal, non-ionizing microwave radiation has nobiological effect on the human body'! Instead, they now say 'there are no health effects', which is equally false (see study on brain tumors and mobile phones).

When a patient asks their doctor, 'Doctor, is safe to use my cell phone? Can I give one to my child?' The doctor now has a green light to say, 'Well, I just read a study in a very prestigious medical journal that shows cell phones do affect the brain. We don't yet know if this effect is harmful or not, so, until we do, I suggest that you use a cell phone with caution as something that could be dangerous. And I certainly would encourage young people to avoid cell phones except for emergencies.'

To read more visit: http://www.magdahavas.com/2011/03/03/cell-phones-affect-brain-what-about-cell-towers/

Brain tumour rise predicted

Hospital offers rooms for patients with electrical and chemical accommodations


This is very important information and I hope that you will challenge your own local hospitals to provide similar facilities. Many hospitals have installed Wi Fi systems throughout the hospital, making them very dangerous places to be. It is much better to start the EMF radiation dialog now, rather than when you may need a hospital in an emergency.

Martin Weatherall


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