Radiation Exposure Concerns Raised by Scientists

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From USA:

Telecommunications Reports,15 feb 2011,© Copyright 2011. Aspen Publishers. All Rights Reserved.

Radiation Exposure Concerns Raised by Scientists


A group of international scientists has published a report calling for"greatly reduced exposure limits" for electromagnetic radiation from telecommunications and power line technologies, while similar concerns were being raised by a committee formed by India's government to study similar matters. First, the scientific journal Reviews on Environmental Health published a statement from the "Selectun Scientific Panel," which says the "global population is at risk, that the currently accepted measure of radiation risk, the SAR, is inadequate, and that there is abundant evidence biological effects are occurring at exposures 'many orders of magnitude' below existing public safety standards." In the "Selectun Scientific Statement," the scientists said governments should take "decisive action now to protect biological function as well as the health of future generations." "Current U.S. and ICNIRP [International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection] standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation from wireless technologies are entirely inadequate," said Olle Johansson, who chaired the Selectun Scientific Panel. "They never were intended to address the kind of exposures from wireless devices that now affect over 4 billion people." Elihu Richter, a retired professor of occupational and environmental medicine at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, added, "We are already seeing increases in health problems such as cancer and neurobehavioral impairments, even though these wireless technologies are fairly new in the last decades or so for the general public. This finding suggests that the exposures are already too high to protect people from health harm." Separately, an interministerial committee formed by India's ministry of communications and information technology to study the potential risks caused by mobile devices and wireless towers also raised concerns about health risks and recommended that mobile phones not adhering to standard SAR levels be banned. According to news reports out of India, the panel also recommended other measures, such as not installing wireless towers near residential areas, schools, playgrounds, and hospitals.

From Greece:

Change the limits for exposure to electromagnetic radiation, say scientists

Energy Ecology Environment:

The Electromagnetic Biology Laboratory, Department of Biology, University of Athens issued a press release on scientific studies point to the need to reduce exposure limits to electromagnetic radiation.

As stated in the notice, seven researchers from 5 countries, including Greece (Yuri Grigoriev, Olle Johansson, Lloyd Morgan, Elihu Richter, Cindy Sage, Adamantia Frangopoulou, Lukas Margaritis) are sounding the alarm about an urgent need to reduce the exposure limits electromagnetic radiation, based on recent results of scientific studies. The researchers recommend specific exposure limits for various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum used by wireless technology, and magnetic fields super-low frequency generated from the distribution and consumption of electricity.

This scientific statement has been published in international journal Reviews on Environmental Health (2010; 25: 307-317).

The study found that the combined effect of mobile phones, wireless phones, mobile phone antenna systems, radio and television stations broadcast system WI-FI and blue tooth wireless Internet devices baby monitors and a number of other wireless devices, putting billions people around the world on a daily risk of neurological and behavioral effects until risk of developing cancer, neurological diseases and reproductive and developmental problems.

Also, the current limits have been proposed 13 years ago, in 1998 the "International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation» (ICNIRP) for electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies are completely inadequate. Never been to take account of wireless devices that influence everyday now over 4 billion people.

These safety limits are unaware of the developing fetus and young children, the elderly, who are hypersensitive to radiation or immunodeficiency, the most affected as most vulnerable to radiation.

A significant number of analytical studies and thoroughly discussed in this publication has demonstrated biological effects of radiation intensities at hundreds of times lower than current levels.

The assessment of the degree of risk of radiation known as the "Specific Absorption Rate» SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is considered as insufficient to predict biological responses in the effect of radiation on cells and tissues associated with changes in memory, behavior, reproduction, immune system, the disruption of sleep, causing frustration and fatigue, and the creation of brain tumors after more than a decade of use.

The Committee recommends that governments and the World Organization to set lower than current limits public exposure, but also professionally exposed to radiation.

Similarly, all manner of companies involved in manufacturing wireless devices and communication required to find solutions with reduced population exposure to radiation.

As the most vulnerable groups identified as pregnant women and children of all ages who need to avoid using any kind of wireless devices and should be avoided indirect exposure to such radiations.

More generally, scientists are against the use of wireless networks, mobile phones etc indoors in schools, and even premises.

Suggested, finally, the intensification of scientific research in such a complex and multifaceted public health issue, such as the effects of non-ionizing radiation, in order to clarify the mechanisms of action compared with the emission of radiation modes (modulation, prolonged or intermittent exposure, multiple exposures to different frequencies, etc.).

Those interested can read the summary article in PubMed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21268443


...additional versions of our latest debate article.

(For our English-speaking friends, this is just to keep you informed about their mere existence.)

Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ?Strålningen ger oss hjärnskador? (=?Brain damage from radiation?, in Swedish), Affärer 3/2 2011


Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ?Strålningen ger oss hjärnskador? (=?Brain damage from radiation?, in Swedish), Tandvårdsskadeförbundet 7/2 2011


Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ?Stoppa blindbocksleken om riskerna med strålning? (=?Stop the blind man's bluff game regarding the risks of radiation?, in Swedish), HelaHälsingland 14/2, 2011

Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ?Blindbocksleken med vår hälsa måste stoppas? (=?The blind man's bluff game with our health must be stopped?, in Swedish), Teknikdebatt.se 18/2, 2011


Also see what Dr. Peterson writes about our research:

Il prof. Olle Johansson sulle disabilità ambientali From: infoamica | December 03, 2010 | 156 views 3 dicembre 2010. Giornata Internazionale delle Persone con Disabilità: disuguaglianza e discriminazioni intollerabili per chi è affetto da disabilità ambientali e funzionali. Ricorre oggi la Giornata Internazionale delle Persone con Disabilità, promossa dalle Nazioni Unite. I dati indicano che circa il 10% della popolazione mondiale, pari a 650 milioni di persone, ha una disabilità e l'80% dei disabili (più di 400 milioni di persone) vive nei paesi poveri. La disabilità, però, colpisce in modo sempre maggiore anche nei paesi sviluppati dove la popolazione è esposta a sostanze tossiche e campi elettromagnetici spesso incontrollati e dannosi anche quando sono sotto la soglia di sicurezza indicata dagli standard internazionali. In Italia sono particolarmente vulnerabili coloro affetti da cosiddette "disabilità ambientali", cioè condizioni che risentono direttamente di questo tipo di esposizioni, come le persone affette Elettrosensibilità o da Sensibilità Chimica Multipla (MCS) perché si tratta di patologie non ancora pienamente inquadrate come vere e proprie malattie, anche se nel caso della MCS questo non è vero in altri paesi, visto che la MCS è riconosciuta dalla Codice Internazionale delle Malattie dell'OMS in molti paesi, tra cui Germania e Austria. Queste malattie, almeno nelle prime fasi, non sempre comportano un danno organico misurabile, ma determinano una incapacità a vivere in un determinato ambiente. Almeno nel nostro Paese è molto difficile che vengano applicate per queste condizioni le leggi per la tutela del posto di lavoro o che vengano adottati protocolli ospedalieri speciali. Tra le patologie che comportano "disabilità ambientali" si annoverano anche il favismo, per l'intolleranza alle minime tracce di legumi nell'ambiente, o l'autismo, l'emicrania, e l'epilessia che comporano reazioni per rumori (iperacusia) o luci forti (fotosensibilità). Anche il Lupus Eritomatosus può essere considerata una disabilità ambientale, perché spesso comporta reazioni dermatologiche molto serie per l'esposizione ai raggi del sole o a certi raggi ultravioletti delle lampadine fluorescenti, oggi molto di moda per il risparmio energetico. Chi reagisce a specifici fattori ambientali, indipendentemente dalla causa (tossica, come nel caso della MCS) o genetica (nel caso del favismo o dell'epilessia), ha difficoltà enormi nel far riconoscere la propria condizione e le proprie esigenze di vivere pienamente la vita sociale e lavorativa. Il prof. Johansson riferisce che l'Elettrosensibiltà, per esempio, è riconosciuta pienamente come "invalidità funzionale" dalla Svezia sin dal 2000. Questo si traduce, per esempio, in un aiuto economico per affrontare le spese necessarie a schermare la casa dai campi elettromagnetici. Questo riconoscimento vuole mettere in pratica i principi di non discriminazione e di uguaglianza promossi dalla Convenzione delle Nazioni Unite sui Diritti delle Persone con Disabilità che anche l'Italia ha firmato il 30 marzo 2007. Per avere il DVD completo del Convegno visita il link: http://www.infoamica.it/articolo.asp?a=3&sa=0&art...


Bara för kännedom

More and more countries now take up the issue of EMF and health effects/Fler och fler länder tager nu upp frågan om EMF och hälsoeffekter:


Now our recent debate article has appeared in two more publications!/Nu har vår senaste debattartikel dykt upp på ytterligare två ställen!

Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ?Sanningens ord!? Strålning ger oss hjärnskador! Ohälsan ökar i takt med strålningen!? (=?Words of truth!? Brain damage from radiation! Ill health increases with radiation!?, in Swedish), Nya AnnonsX:et [sid. 2] 23/2 2011


Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Dämvik M, Hallberg Ö, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ?Försiktighetsprincipen har satts ur spel? (=?The precautionary principle has been eliminated?, in Swedish), Norran 24/2 2011


Also see our reply/ Läs också vår replik:

Dämvik M, Johansson O, Gullbrandsson A, Hellberg K, Lindkvist L, ?Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten vilseleder, (=?The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority misleads?, in Swedish), Arbetarbladet 22/2 2011


Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


The Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm


Africa: Scientist Warn of Cellphone Health Risks


This is according to a panel of influential scientists, which believes that much stricter safety measures are needed to protect people from being harmed by electromagnetic radiation from devices including cellphones, cellphone towers, powerlines and ...



Iatrogenic or snake oil medicine


Scientific Panel Argues for a New Approach to Protecting the Public from Electromagnetic Fields

Lourdes Salvador

March 04, 2011

After three days of intensive discussion, a scientific panel is arguing for a new approach to protecting the global public from electromagnetic fields (EMF). ...



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