Smart meter health concerns causing 'a buzz'

Chicago Sun-Times

She said some people seem to be ?electro-sensitive,? and are affected more than others by the use of wireless technology such as cell phones and other ...



Smart meters face critics on left, right

The Detroit News

Health concerns about the smart meters focus on the phenomenon known as "electromagnetic hypersensitivity," in which people claim that radiation from cell ...


Texas Smart Meter Petition

Thanks so much. I literally have the biggest migraine right now, I want this meter off my house! I have had headaches since the first day as well as my husband. I have worked nonstop for the past month, writing long letters to state rep, senator, attorney general, congress, with scientific studies of harm with such chronic exposure. I am petitioning door to door, at schools, and grocery stores, signs and flyers everywhere. If there isn't some positive news next week, I'm having a lawsuit. I have been the only one around here who knows anything about thow these meters work and the dangers, so I started informing people and everyone is disturbed over it. I have a hand written petition as well, and now have started this one,


Thanks for all of your work, its a sick world out there!


2 State Agencies Challenge CL&P 'smart meter' Plan

istockAnalyst.com (press release)

10--State Attorney General George Jepsen and officials at Connecticut Light & Power Co. are sparring over a plan to bring so-called "smart meters" to the ...


Smart Meter Protest

This Wed. 16th February and Speak to the new CPUC Thurs. 24th
If we want to STOP SMART METERS, we're going to have to RAISE OUR VOICES! Please spread the word widely to your contacts. If you can't travel to San Francisco on Wednesday, consider holding a protest at a Public Utilities Commission near where you live and contacting the media.

Wed. Feb 16: PROTEST in front of CPUC offices at 505 Van Ness (at McAllister) in San Francisco. 12 Noon until about 1:30-2, or as long as you can stay. Bring signs, bring friends, wear red or bright color. Goal is 100+ people this time, so fill those buses, trains, ferries, and carpools!

Thurs. Feb 24: SPEAK at CPUC MEETING (in the open time right after the 9:30 a.m. start). 505 Van Ness. Two new commissioners will be seated, so this opportunity is critical! It is especially important for commissioners to hear from electrically sensitive people and others adversely affected by SmartMeters. Arrive before 9:30 to complete a sign-up card in the foyer. Goal is 30+++ people. Two minute maximum speaking time --likely reduced to one minute with 30 or more speakers. Let's be sure they hear from all of us!

Capitola in Santa Cruz County is the latest local government- as of last night- to criminalize 'smart' meter installations to protect public health and safety. See: http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_17356134 That makes twenty-six CA local governments who have demanded a moratorium and seven who have criminalized smart meter installations. Has your local government passed an ordinance yet?

Joshua Hart
Director, Stop Smart Meters!

Connecticut Attorney General Urges Regulators to Reject CL&P's Smart Meter Plan

Transmission and Distribution Worlds plan to replace existing electric meters with advanced technology would be expensive and would not save enough electricity for its 1.2 million customers ...

"The pilot results showed no beneficial impact on total energy usage," Jepsen said. "And, the savings that were seen in the pilot were limited to certain types of customers and would be far outweighed by the cost of installing the new meter systems," he said.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Worried about Smart Meters?

Planet Thrive

She writes: Smart Meters expose all of us to dangerous microwave like EMF/RF frequency on a continuous basis, that among other things can disrupt the brain, ...



City Council Discovers ?Smart? Meters are not UL Certified


Informant: Isis Feral


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