EMFs and Changes in the Complete Blood Count

EMFs and changes in the Complete Blood Count



Comment on this information - (In the document a doctor explains that the blood cell count changes when exposed to EMF.

A group of people that were protesting a tower that was to be erected went and had their blood tested to get a baseline. They then sent the results to the cell phone company and said that they would retest it 2 months after the tower went up and if there was a difference they would sue the company and publish the reports - the cell phone company decided to withdraw the application no questions asked.

One thing all of the people around the tower did do was to remove the Dect, Wifi and baby monitors from their home for a few weeks and then they tested their blood - to make sure that the phone company could not use those devices against them. Perhaps this is the reason why these dect phones and baby monitors are everywhere - so that everyone is exposed and it would not show a difference!

This sounds like a real good way to stop a tower going up! Instead of paying for a lawyer - pay for blood tests and do your own study! I think just threatening that you will do this test should get their attention. Perhaps this is another reason why they do not give enough warning when they want to put a cell tower up).


Informant: Martin Weatherall


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