Israel: Prevention of exposure of children to EMR in schools because of health effects


A Knesset committee for env and health called the government to adopt recommendations for reduction and prevention of the exposure of children to EMR in schools because of health effects.

The committee decided to adopt the conclusions of a team of the two ministries about reduction of exposure. The conclusions were decided by prof Sigal Sadezki, env ministry, education ministry and the power company.

Recommendations: adoption of precautionary principle and balance between the parents and child's choice to use cell phone. Programme for adoption of right usage habits of cell phone - including understanding of the radiation emitted, dangers of use, shorten of call duration, prefaring SMS to conversation, use of headsets, use during driving, use at night and influence of sleepless. The programme will be built by the unit of epidemiology of cancer radiation in Gertner institute and the education ministry. It was also recommended to put in the schools wired phones for the pupils use, to consider establishing areas of cell phone use, like with cigarettes smoking, and teachers will talk only in certain areas.

The transportation ministry will forbid cell phone use, including use of headsets by young drivers, and public transportation In order to prevent the indirect effect danger of loss of concentration that leads to accidents.

To prefer wired computers to Wi-Fi, because the committee agreed that there is a moral, value and legal duty of the education ministry to protect the pupils' health. It was determined to guide the education system to prefer using wired technologies.

Regarding powerlines and transformers, the env ministry's representative claimed there is exceeding of radiation only in small procentage of schools. In building new power installations the power company will take care of minimal exposure according to the best available technology.

The env ministry will prepare a programme to check all the kindergardens and schools for radiation levels. Education ministry will map classes where there are electricity cupboards close to the clasees and give the list to the env ministry to take care of that first.

Problems that will be found will be taken care of immediately by the education ministry including taking the children away, approaching the power company or the school owners, who will bring professionals to solve the problem and then the env ministry needs to consider another measurement.

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Of course it depends on what will happen with all this in reality but currently it looks like the most promosing proposal internationally and the awareness level of this decision is quite good!

Please do an effort to try and push the new info coming from Israel that I sent in 3 emails, to decision makers in your country, so that they will be exposed to the changes that happen on the basis of current info and consideration of children's health. Today in an industry's funded newspaper it is written also about this decision with an addition that it is based on scientific studies showing link between phone and brain tumors malignant and benign. You can never know who's opinion you might influence and what botton this news are able to press in your place. This advance in Israel can move to other countries as well - someone needs to be the first and then others see and want to imitate. Try this, because you have nothing to lose.

Iris Atzmon


Knesset panel endorses minimizing school radiation exposure

Jerusalem Post

Although it has not yet been clearly proven that exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) poses a danger to schoolchildren's health, a joint session of ...



Machine translation:

Home »News» Green »Environment For our children: to reduce electromagnetic radiation - Magnetic Radiation emitted by computer systems, telecommunications and electricity threatens the students. Home Affairs Committee - the work of the Knesset adopted the recommendations of reduction

NRG Ma'ariv | 22/11/2010 14:28 Tags: electromagnetic radiation

The Joint Committee (interior - a) the subject of environment and health adopted today (Monday) the recommendations to reduce exposure of children to radiation electro - magnetic. According, the committee chairman, MK Dov Henin (Hadash), the fact that the radiation of electro - magnetic is transparent makes it invisible, but not rendered dangerous. "Duty to ensure maximum protection for children staying for many hours a day in the education system," Hanin said.

"It is our duty to ensure maximum protection for children" Photo: SXC After years of public attention has focused on cellular antennas radiation danger, it turns out that the real problem in education is actually electromagnetic radiation and electric fields derived from existing electrical cabinets almost every school and kindergarten. "The discussion radiation electro - magnetic educational institutions is part of the overall concept promotion of a healthy educational environment," said Henin called to implement the recommendations as soon as all the educational institutions.

The paper and the recommendations formulated at the request of committee members, a representative of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Siegel Sadezky, director of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit and the radiation at Gartner. The position paper was formulated with the consent of Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education and the electricity. The document refers to electromagnetic radiation emitting sources around the student: cell phones, electric power and communications systems and computers.

For mobile phones, the commission recommended to apply the precautionary principle- Therefore it was recommended to balance the student's selection and his parents use a cell phone and social and health consequences of using this mainly by using the correct habits. The suggestions for action: placing phones

Stationary and educational institutions, the establishment of regional cell phone talking absolute prohibition on mobile phones used by young drivers.

About communication systems and computers, the commission recommended a principle to guide the educational system that existing technologies should be preferred relatively safe and simple. This by ongoing maintenance of systems, raising awareness and professional knowledge in monitoring. Wired communication should be preferred over wireless. Wired computers used instead of Wi-Fi/WLAN. It is preferred to use simple and safe technologies.

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