Forced to Disconnect: ES Refugees in Sweden

Gunilla Ladberg's new translation of her book on ES Refugees in Sweden is a must read, the stories are tragic and indicate how much is already known about ES.

Gunilla is happy to have her book posted widely.

Sarah Dacre

From: Gunilla Ladberg
Date: Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 12:25 PM

At last, here is the pdf for you to send out to the world! An now everyone can use the text freely. No we have it in Finnish (pdf), in German (book), soon in Danish (book) and hopefully also soon in French.

But I would love to have the English text as a book also. Would you mind ask everybody if someone could arrange that? (Of course, then the file must me rearranged.)

Gunilla Ladberg

Forced to Disconnect: ES Refugees in Sweden


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