The Challenge of Non-Ionizing Radiation: A Proposal for Legislation

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Subject: Pick of the Week #14: Proposal for Legislation: Non-Ionizing Radiation (1979)

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October 10, 2010. Pick of the Week #14 is based on a thoroughly researched and carefully crafted document (The Challenge of Non-Ionizing Radiation: A Proposal for Legislation) written by Karen A. Massey (Project Attorney for Natural Resources Defense Council) and published in the Duke Law Journal (Volume 1979, No. 1, 86 pp). This paper will be of interest to policy analysts, lawyers, member of Congress, and all the agencies that currently have pieces of the electromagnetic puzzle in the United States and elsewhere.

Massey identifies the key departments and agencies that have influence on the science and policy of non-ionizing radiation, including: Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW); Department of Labor (DOL); Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); Department of Defense (DOD); Federal Communication Commission (FCC); Department of Transport (DOT); Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Department of Energy (DOE); National Regulatory Commission (NRC; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as selected state and municipal authorities. With so many ?authorities? involved, one might feel confident that appropriate steps are being take to protect public health and the heath of the environment from the potentially harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Cell Phone Liability Lawsuits Pre-empted by FCC


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