Wageningen University launches project

Horticulture Week

Wageningen University and research centre's laboratory of plant cell biology has launched a new project looking at the effects of electromagnetic fields on trees...



Plant die off in proximity to high frequency communication sources

Martin...your reports regarding plant die off in proximity to high frequency communication sources...emf/wifi/smart grid/ etc. Smart Shelter Network ( http://www.smartshelter.com ) a 17 year old nonprofit in environmental allergenics disabilities in colorado/usa...has, due to its continuous exposure to wild lands as emf refugees noted historically, but dramatically in the past two years (beginning june 1, 2009 especially) dramatically heightened and widespread allergenic reactions in diagnosed and knowledgable ESs exposed to nearly all vcommunication sources...powerline grids (broadband/smart grid), cell towers, digital tv towers and wifi)....and now a hugely increased massive multispecies deforestation in native lands previously healthy and exposed to these same sources. Currently underway are cartological analysis of die-off zones and emf sources. There currently, although more research is needed, massive indication that all communications media including microwave telephone towers, certainly cell towers, all grid powerlines, wifi...smart meters etc...probably because they are all now transiting the newer high speed communication signals (3G...3billion cycles per second and up) as well as broadband...which is transiting several frequencies simultaneously...are producing massive die off in overstory tree species here...douglas fir, engleman spruce, lodgpole pine (all evergreens...experiencing immune suppression resultant from emf exposure followed by beetle outbreaks) and diciduous species...aspen, narrow and broad leafed cottonwood, gambrel oak. Now it is becomming apparent that the mid story species in higher radiation locales are also defoliating and dieing, especially willow species and alder.

Good scientific basis regarding the modalities of effect are available through Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy (London) and Kattie Haggerty (Lyons, Colorado)...there are massive other documentations which I have been overwelmed with following my appeal for studies and have yet to review.

My current concensus is that historically we have experienced plant dieoff due to increasing radiation...starting as much as 50 years ago...this has escallated dramatically with cell phone proliferation...it reached epidemic and drastic effects in June 2009 (at least here) with the digitization of television signals, proliferation of Broadband over Powerlines and introduction of the high speed digital cell phone technology 3G.

This, if I'm correct, is a catastrophic phenomenon which will quickly outstrip global warming as an apocalyptic scenario imminent. We're talking basically about global deforestation due to digital highspeed communication proliferation.

What you're seeing with the dieoffs in proximity to the smart meters is a micro-scale immediate demonstration of this phenomenon available to everyone.

My conjecture to Magda Havaas and Blake Levit is that we will see intelligent and prudent curtailment of these dramatically toxic technologies globally through their demonstrated toxicity to plant and wildlife species long before we do to that of humans. The reason is simple. Plants do not die of psychosomatic reasons. For that reason (and the overwelming positive response I've had here to these warnings and demonstrations) to persue public education of these experiences and dangers to other species preferentially...in hopes that sanity bouyant above the insanity of cell proliferation may utlimately prevale.

exec director Smart Shelter Network

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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