Wireless phones cause cancer or other maladies


Parents Bring U.S. Researcher To Simcoe County To Address WiFi Concerns In Schools


I have written a Letter to the editor of The National Post.

This is the article I'm reacting to:


My letter:

Regarding: ?How WiFi ate Simcoe County?s Brain.?

I am surprised to read such uninformed reaction in your newspaper. Without substantiation you dismiss the fact that children in 14 schools in Simcoe County are suffering from the effects of microwave radiation, saying they should all trust Health Canada.

Do you refer to the same Health Canada that approved Vioxx for arthritic pain relief until it caused 28,000 heart attacks? The Health Canada that still says lawn pesticides are safe, despite 130 municipalities and two provinces outlawing them?
Are you suggesting we blindly trust all that Health Canada declares when one of their senior officers recently authored a book about the department called "Corrupt to the Core"?

Health Canada?s own microwave Safety Code published in 1999, contains the following disclaimer on page 3: ?In a field where technology is advancing rapidly and where unexpected and unique problems may occur, this Code cannot cover all possible situations and blind adherence to rules cannot substitute for the exercise of sound judgement.?

Even Health Canada tells us that sound judgement such as - my kids are sick in the school so maybe it?s not safe in there - is a reasonable and even advisable approach to protecting one?s health.

From: info@safeschool.ca

"Corrupt to the Core."
[ http://shivchopra.com/?cat=6 ]

A quote from which

"Memories from those days of my career at Health Canada bring back vivid images of what I viewed as a mafia-style corruption at the hands of a supremely well placed mob of public service officials and their political masters both inside and outside of the Canadian government. The question that comes to mind is, who was responsible for this type of corruption and who in the end was to benefit from it? Was it a particular Deputy Minister and his or her cronies or was it a Health Minister, a Prime Minister, the Cabinet, the PCO, the PMO, or all of them in a jointly orchestrated dance of corruption to favo[u]r corporate interests? The answer to this question is a very definite yes: all of them were jointly resonsible."

-- Shiv Chopra, Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower ('09)

Nothing New ? the new WHO Research Agenda ...
By Dariusz Leszczynski

Another high priority item for epidemiology is to monitor brain tumor incidence trends. This is an easy and a non-expensive way to find out whether there is any increase in brain cancer incidence within the population of mobile phone ...


Wi Fi marketing

Here is the backbone of the marketing campaign which is putting the microwave transmitters into the classrooms across Canada and the U.S. It is such a successful campaign the systems are being purchased for countless schools which already have full cable internet. In many cases, like at our school, it is mostly redundant.

The marketing campaign began with a group of technology companies dreaming up how to sell their stuff to schools. An American public relations specialist named Ken Kay was hired to head the campaign.

Below is a link to the marketing plan with the corporations who started it up. This is the genesis of the "21st Century Learner" marketing campaign, which has been transformed into an "education" campaign.


This is the Cisco sales document: "Equipping Every Learner for the 21st Century." (The transmitters in our school are from Cisco)


When you get to the board level the language of "21st century learner" and "new pedagogies" in teaching (which means wireless) are found across the country.

In Simcoe County, a vast area north of Toronto where I am, three paragraphs from the CISCO sales material wound up in the Simcoe County Board of Education Technology document. This is the document that justified the purchase of wireless even though the schools are already hard-wired and zero per cent of parents wanted wireless according to the board's published survey. That Board document is attached and highlighted for quick reference. Even in the Simcoe Board's annual report the marketing language of pedagogies and 21st century learner is repeated.


Across the country, you'll find the "Education Movement" of "21st century learning" popping up in countess documents. It always justifies the need for wireless.

Here is how successful the campaign is: Here is exactly the same language about the unique needs of the "21st century learner" and the new "pedagogies" in teaching from a school board in Alberta. The bottom line of this Alberta document is that children need microwave transmitters to learn:

Page 2: "The technological infrastructure needed to achieve this goal will be a top priority in the first year of this plan. Blueprints are already in the works to introduce a wireless environment by the end of year two.


New Brunswick just launched a "21st Century Learning Program". If you call the IT people there, the bottom line will surely be wireless.


Here is a speech about 21st century learning from an American academic. See page 4 paragraph 5 "what we need is wireless..."


There are many more examples.

Finally, here is an education group critiquing the "21st century learning campaign" as bereft of content, only concerned with technology.


The school boards have no idea how much they are parroting a slick sales campaign. I hope the background is useful.


Niagara reps spark Wi-Fi debate at Ontario teachers' conference

... Tay Shiner, a Niagara Falls teacher who spoke in favour of the motion, said she believes more research needs to be done about the potential impact of Wi-Fi on children's health. "Who are the guinea pigs? We should have Wi-Fi ... "The World Health Organization looked at this and found no scientific evidence that it causes adverse health effects," he said. And, so far, he hasn't heard of a single instance where the technology has had a negative impact on a student's health. ...


Informant: Martin Weatherall


New Studies Link Cell Phone Use to Cancer and Other Maladies


More about the theme:

http://omega.twoday.net/search?q=World+Health+Organi http://www.buergerwelle.de:8080/helma/twoday/bwnews/search?q=Devra+Davis

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