Smart Meters far more dangerous than anticipated

Smart Meters far more dangerous than anticipated


The California Smart Meter Revolt



Are Smart Meters Dangerous, Too?

From: bertmbartsch
Subject: smart meters due to be put on your home in july- how to fight it!!
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 08:57:39 -0700

Dear West Marin Neighbor,

You are receiving this alert as part of a new organizing strategy in West Marin, where local organizations and individuals are collaborating to call the attention of our community to urgent issues that effect our health, environment & local sustainability. We encourage you to forward this widely to your network- we need help in getting the word out as soon as possible. Thank you for participating in local democracy.

West Marin Alert - Look out for Smart Meters!

Did you know that PG&E plans to install ?Smart Meters? on every home and business in Marin County and throughout their California territory?

These wireless devices will replace your current electric meters and will allow PG&E to track and control your gas & electricity usage without having a meter-reader come to your home. Millions of these devices have already been installed in California, and consumer complaints are pouring in to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and to the media. The CPUC is currently conducting an investigation as a result of these complaints. At this time, customers are being told by PG&E that they cannot opt out of having ?smart meters? installed.

Why should we be concerned?

* Increased electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by these meters from every house, apartment & business will add a massive additional layer of man-made EMR to our environment that will pulse radiation every minute throughout the day and night; utility poles, buildings, and telephone poles will also be transmitting EMR as repeaters for the ?smart meters?; EMR will infiltrate all other home wiring.

* No FCC safety standards exist for chronic long-term exposure to EMR or from multiple sources.

* Adverse health effects from electromagnetic pollution include sleep disorders, irritability, short term memory loss, headaches, anxiety, nausea, DNA breaks, abnormal cell growth, cancer, premature aging, etc.

* Untested technology; international scientists, environmental agencies, advocacy groups and doctors are calling for the use of the precautionary principle for wireless technologies that are already causing illness in many people.

* Skyrocketing utility bills - sometimes 2 to 3 times higher than before the ?smart meters? were installed, even for vacant homes.

* Fire hazards and risk of electrical shock.

* Waste of our money - $2 billion is being spent on ?smart meters? in our area of California.

* Loss of thousands of jobs - at a time when job creation should be a top priority.

* The undemocratic process that has been used by PG&E in pursuing this new technology, telling people that they have absolutely no choice in the matter.

PG&E Smart Meters

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Smart meters aren't smart



KPFA radio commentators Layna Berman and Dr. Jeffry Fawcett of YourOwnHealthAndFitness.org lay out the case against PG&E's attempted mass installation of wireless so-called 'smart' meters throughout its service area.

They debunk the bio-effects denialists who refuse to look at the massive scientific evidence showing that exposure to wireless radiation is hazardous. Their presentation of the technological, economic, biological and political context for the national 'smart grid' plan and the part 'smart' meters play in it is given visual emphasis with the live, simultaneous 'graphic recording' of cartoonist Brian Narelle of NarelleCreative.net.

They lay out specific actions YOU can take to protect your home and neighborhood from PG&E's electro-smog assault on public health and democratic choice.

More links on Smart Meters http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=710

Informant: gotemf


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