Husband's cancer spurs wife to warn of suspected cell phone dangers

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Foster organized a medical study of firefighters exposed to cell towers on their stations, authored the original version of a resolution to call for a ...


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Dr. Bill Deagle

Dr. Bill Deagle discusses developments regarding cell phones / radiation at the beginning of his internet radio podcast today at:


It is not anything that most of us don't know regarding the dangers, but the conversation mentions the San Francisco packaging warning and pending legislation in the U.S. Congress within the next two weeks. This legislation is in direct contrast with the situation here where ComReg is touting for businesses from as far afield as China to test their equipment in Ireland at:


Ireland's Spectrum 'Test and Trial' Programme Ireland's Wireless Test & Trial licensing Programme. Test and Trial. Commission for ... Block DEF, Abbey Court. Irish Life Centre. Lower Abbey Street. Dublin 1 ...

It is also important to note that adding packaging warnings does not constitute a change in practice regarding the location of masts.

Also, the local newspaper in Leixlip, "The Liffey Champion" failed to publish the fact that the Co. Council has noted: "The Planning Authority's investigation to date indicates that the development as detailed above would appear to be unauthorised" at the Riverforest hotel where new masts have been erected approximately 30 metres from the classrooms at Scoil San Carlo Junior School. The hotel owner, Meteor and Threefold have been given four weeks to respond. Failure to comply would result in fines up to ?12,697, 380 each or 2 years imprionment. Or "on summary conviction a fine of ?1,904.61 or six months imprisonment or both." This penalty amounts to ?5 - ?7 as the price on the head of each child at the two schools.

John Weigel

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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