Smart Grid Sensibility?

Audio Interview with B. Blake Levitt and Duncan Campbell, Esq. by ElectromagneticHealth.org Founder, Camilla Rees

Do ?Smart Grids? make sense? What are short term concerns and long term health and economic considerations? Should the nation instead be pursuing a utility system that empowers people instead of further centralizing control, putting costs burdens onto the taxpayer, jeopardizing our privacy and adding layer upon layer of radiation with serious known, and unknown, consequences? Join us for this fascinating discussion with two experts, both brilliant environmental thinkers, who question the sanity of present energy policies and hold a vision of more economical and socially responsible alternatives.

Listen Here: http://sn.im/y88j4


Smart Grid: Bad for Your Health?

Informant: Andrew Michrowski


The question is: do you know any researcheers working on tree dieoff resultant from smart grid radiation??? We're working here with an apparent correlation between digital internet transmissions over the grid and grid/proximity reactions in ESs...there is an apparent high correlation between line of sight proximity to and die-off/ immune suppression in six- 8 species of diciduous and evergreen forest populations.

exec director Smart Shelter Network

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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