5G: Letter of Warning to Nordic Prime Ministers


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De: Pall, Martin L
Objet: Rép: Bioeffects of 5G (MM Waves): Letter of Warning to Nordic Prime Ministers by Profs Rainer Nyberg and Lennart Hardell
Date: 18 février 2019 à 16:38:48 UTC-5

I received these two documents from Prof. Nyberg who emphasizes that the letter to the Nordic Prime Ministers is a draft and should not be forwarded. It has been emailed, at this point, simply to get feedback on draft before it can be finalized. There is no reason, however, for the CIA translation of the Russian language millimeter wave frequency effects studies cannot be forwarded or commented on.

The translation provides the following information:

These are studies of non-pulsed (continuous wave) EMFs, not the pulsed EMFs put out by all wireless communications devices. There is a large literature showing that such pulsed EMFs are, in most cases much more biologically active and therefore potentially much more dangerous than are non-pulsed EMFs of the same average intensity and frequency. Because 5G is designed to be particularly highly pulsed so that it can carry much higher amounts of information per unit time, it is highly probable that 5G will be much more dangerous than are the non-pulsed millimeter wave EMFs being studied in this literature. These studies involved 15 minutes per day, for a period of 60 days. There is no data on how longer periods of exposure or more minutes per day will influence EMF effects, although the rodent studies (Tolgskaya and Gordon, 1973) have shown that in other EMF rodent studies, longer times per day or longer numbers of days produced much more severe effects, effects that as they became more severe, became apparently irreversible. We have, therefore, three important reasons for concern that 5G will produce much more severe effects. The industry has predicted that millimeter wave 5G will only affect the outer one millimeter or so of the body. However these millimeter wave studies, despite being in all likelihood much more benign that will be genuine 5G radiation, clearly produce effects much more deeply in the body than the industry claims is possible. This is seen from the impacts on the heart, brain, liver, spleen, kidneys and bone marrow. Even in rats or mice, these impacts are much deeper in the body that the industry claims is possible.

The thing I want to emphasize here is that these CIA translated studies have produced findings that produce high level concern with regard to non-pulsed millimeter wave EMFs. We have every reason to expect much greater concerns for genuine 5G radiation with all of its very high levels of pulsation.

Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus

Zory Glaser's 1971 RF-effects bibliography and Public Health denial


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