Mobilfunk-Konzept: Anwohner protestieren gegen Standort auf TSV-Gelände

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Gräfelfing - Ein erster Standort des Gräfelfinger Mobilfunk-Konzeptes strebt seiner Realisierung entgegen - begleitet von Anwohner-Protesten. Bereits 2008 war der Standort 10 des Mobilfunk-Konzeptes im Wald nördlich des TSV-Geländes als Vorrangfläche...


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Teresa Treacy Ordered to Jail over ESB Powerlines

This is a huge event that has caused national outrage. By googling Teresa Treacy one can call up numerous articles on this marvellously feisty woman who has refused to allow her handplanted private forest to be wrecked by overland transmission powerlines. The best site on this as it gives the legal and other aspects plus up to date info on whatwe should do to support her and get her released and her private woods and land protected is: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/100498 . As of yesterday, it appears Amnesty International has become active on her case.

Am rushing this to you and have difficulty even getting it to stay online!

ESB Stopped at Clonmore, Teresa Treacy still defiant

Letters /cards of support to Teresa can be sent to her at:

Teresa Treacy
Mountjoy s Womens' Prison
North Circular Road
Dublin 7

Thousands sign petition to free jailed woman Teresa Treacy


Teresa Treacy remains in jail and support for her continues momentum. There have been published letters to the press by outraged citizens and strong editorials in numerous broadsheets. But there she is at 65 and still holed up in jail. But, good for her-unrepentant and defiant. She will not give in!

Thousands have signed the online petition for her release but if some of our international supporters have not done so yet, please do so.

And there will be a protest from 12.00-2.00 tomorrow (Tuesday, 4 October) for her, in Dublin.

I have selected the letter below as one of the best:


Erecting Pylons on Private Land and the Irish Constitution


I ll start with Teresa s coverage in today s Irish Times. It s superb how she never relented and walked free! And on all lovely days for her: our national "Celebrating our Friend the Tree Day", October 6, 2011.

Woman jailed over power line stance freed

Imelda, Cork


A Message from Teresa Treacy in Mountjoy Prison to her Supporters


Informant: Iris Atzmon

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