The recent developments in our fight against the proposed cell tower


Funkmastgegner machen mobil

Heilbronner Stimme

Er ist einer der Sprecher der Initiative betroffener Anlieger, die den "exorbitant hohen" Funkmast in der Industriestraße verhindern will. ...


Bürgerinitiativen machen gegen den Digitalfunk mobil

WELT ONLINE Februar 2010, 04:00 Uhr

Berlin - Vielerorts wehren sich Bürger gegen den Bau von Funkmasten des Digitalfunks.Im brandenburgischen Hohen Neuendorf und ...



Digitalfunkmast trotz Protest aus Nachbargemeinde genehmigt

Dachauer Nachrichten

Eichenau - Ungeachtet der Proteste aus der Nachbargemeinde Puchheim hat der Eichenauer Gemeinderat die Errichtung eines Funkmast für den Digitalfunk der ...



Cell phones need warning labels for safety of Maine residents

Foster's Daily Democrat

The proposed warning label states the following: "Warning: This device emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer. ...



Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2010 12:56 PM
Subject: TR: [Fwd: Fwd: Telecom tries to block the bill right now. Please help]

Dear Senators, Dear Representatives,

I take the liberty to send you this e-mail on behalf of "Robin des Toits", a french non-governmental organization which aims at encouraging public authorities to take steps in order to promote uses of wireless technologies and devices that are respectful of human health, as well at informing the public about the health-related hazards of those devices and technologies.

I am myself electro sensitive, which means that my quality of life has dramatically decreased since January '09, due to immoderate proliferation of wireless technologies. I am not only terrified about my own future, but also about that of my two young and beloved children whom I'm trying to protect.

Therefore, I strongly prompt you to pass the Children's Wireless protection Act. There is a clear necessity to take that kind of steps to protect children whose brains are particularly vulnerable - see for instance the study published in the Australian College of nutritional and environmental medicine by Tamara Mariea and George Carlo, showing the link between exposure to electro-magnetic fields and autism.

If that bill is passed in Maine, it will serve as a model and an example for other states and cities and therefore contribute to save children everywhere in the world.

So please pass this bill - The world is watching !!!

Yours truly,

Agnes Fontana, France, 37, mother of two.

Informant: Iris Atzmon



Dear Maine Legislators

Thank you for considering the Cell Phone Warning Bill HP 1207, LD 1706

http://www.mainelegislature.org/LawMakerWeb/summary.asp?ID=280035199 .

I strongly encourage you to pass this bill and to do everything in your power to warn the citizens of Maine about the known consequences of exposure to electro magnetic radiation.

There are good reasons to believe that electro magnetic radiation is the worst environmental health threat that the world has known. Unfortunately we will only know that for sure, in several years time and by then warnings and action may be to late.

Please examine the scientific evidence which warns of the great danger that we all face, and make a decision based on that evidence. Please do not be fooled by unscrupulous research that has been sought and paid for by the industries that make huge profits from emitting electro magnetic radiation.

I have attached one scientific document, an extract from the Polish Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Szmigielski, S), published by Pub Med. This study shows a huge increase in cancer to the persons who were exposed to radiofrequencies and microwaves during their military service. These are the same frequencies that our families are now being exposed to each day.

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP

Using Tooth Enamel to Gage Radiation Exposure

Teeth carry a record of our past experiences


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Küssaberg verbannt Funkmasten


Bisher wird die Sendeanlage auf dem ehemaligen SWR-Funkmast unmittelbar benachbart zum Geissernhof mitbenutzt. Dieser Mast wird jedoch abgebaut. ...


Bürgerwelle News



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