EHS from passive and targeted sources: Two very strange bio-reactions over Christmas


More on passive and targeted frequencies


This tragic death of the late Denisse Danco remains for the time being a medical mystery



Update: on EHS from targeted (microwave weapons) and passive (EHS syndrome) sources

I am beyond relief that eventually my accounts published by you over many years of my experiences with microwave targeting and EHS have been validated (e.g "Microwave Weapons are prime subject in ills of US Embassy workers" NY Times); San Diego U researcher links MW weapons induced illnesses and EHS ). Thank you for ensuring that my reports are available to a global readership online by just googling (or using another search engine) my name and EHS or my name and Carrigaline, Co Cork. The most helpful entries have the subject headings of: "Ehs fro Passive and Targeted Sources" (Sept 2010) ; "More on Passive and Targeted frequencies " (Christmas 2017); "A Chink of light in recognition of EHS from passive and targeted sources" (August 26, 2017). It is all in the cause of furthering our campaign for recognition of EHS and public awareness leading to the official banning of MW weapons.

Imelda O'Connor Carrigaline, Co Cork

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