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Smart Meter Invasion of Privacy

I had not, until this morning, thought about checking youtube for smart meter info. Wow!

All the videos talking about the good points of the meters are from utility and device companies. The real truth comes from consumers.

Do check out:


March 2010 "The California Public Utility Commission is moving forward with an investigation into PG&G's new smart meters...."

I think EVERYONE should see this one !!!


"PG&E Smart Meter Invasion of Privacy " PG&E has installed 5 million meters. They plan to install 3million more. Customers are complaining about sky rocketing bills. There is a budding rebellion among customers. Mark Dieteman put his old meter under lock and key, trying to lock out the meters. He said it is an invasion of his privacy. They allow the meters to remotely read a customer's usage every hour. In the future that will allow homeowners to monitor their usage. Dieteman says it allows PG&E to come into your home any time and know what appliances you are using them, when, how. It is corporate intrusion on your life. Attorney Lee Tien with the EFF: The privacy of the home is the most important value. It could tell the govt, the police what's going on in your home. Inside your home is where the govt is not supposed to intrude w/o a warrant. When this data is flowing freely, this data gets outside this protected boundary and you start to have a problem.

Which can then bring you to:

And then: http://cbs5.com/investigates/pge.smart.meters.2.1621094.html

"Vacaville Smart Meter Bill Stumps PG&E, Reporting, Anna Werner" What's going on with PG&E's new Smart Meters? A CBS 5 investigation prompted more than a hundred viewers to write in with horror stories about huge bills and excessive energy usage. Pacific Gas & Electric has insisted there are reasons that explain the complaints away. But CBS 5 has now found a case they can't explain. After CBS 5's investigation, PG&E admitted that at least one new Smart Gas Meter may have been improperly installed. But we were told not a single electric meter had a problem, until now. ... SNIP

Then there is the situation in the UK:


December 03, 2009 - New Labour want to force consumers to have smart meters for their electricity. So that's a few thousand meter readers on the employment scrap heap, instead claiming the dole. Meanwhile this wheeze will allow the government to say "You've used too much electric today, we're cutting you off."

"They want to put them in all 26 million homes in Britain, estimate to help most households save 28 pounds / year and cost 8 billion pounds. The role of smart meters will start accelerating in 2-3 years time. One way or another, they will start impacting on all of us."


'Smart' Meters - Dumb Idea? Pt. I

- Panel Presentations

A Public Forum Sponsored by The Office of Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carillo Sebastopol, CA - April, 2010.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG8T9gDclkY

The Ecological Options Network
"Documenting Solutions"

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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