Parents Stop Palm Tree Cell Tower

I am pleased to announce that the parents at the Val Vista Lakes Elementary School in Gilbert AZ have been successful in stopping the erection of a cell phone tower, disguised as a palm tree, at the school.

I will be posting an article on my blog later today, Natural Health News.

Dr. Gayle


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clearwire had plans to erect a 65-foot tower, disguised as a faux palm tree, right on school grounds, just a few yards away from school buildings where students spend several hours each day.

As concerned parent Chris Handorf explained to me, the tower would have been less than 10 yards from the school building.

He also explained that Parker Leavitt, the reporter, misconstrued his emotional expression. Handorf had been concerned about his father's health and recent major surgery.

The good news, though, that I learned last evening, is that a small, concerned, and dedicated group of parents in this Phoenix area community stood up and slew the (telecommunication) giant.

Now all that remains is for the Gilbert school district to remove the cellular antennas at all its other schools.

Original article: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2010/04/08/20100408cell-tower-near-gilbert-school.html


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