Parents blame children's health problems on schools' Wi-Fi technology

Wireless concerns

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The longer people are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), the more sensitive they become to them, and the symptoms become more severe, ...




Thank you for all of the information on WiFi, cell towers, and the population--especially children. After looking at this for a year and getting nowhere with my school district, I have decided to pull my two younger children out of public school. Next year the high schoolers will do dual enrollment with the school part time and an online--wired--virtual school. I thought I would forward a copy of my letter to them to you.

I am still pursuing this issue with the school district.


Dear Ms. Griffin, Ms. Ranker, Ms. Compton, Ms. Ziegler, and Ms. Fannin,

It is with real regret that I must inform you I will be sending my Notice of Intent to withdraw the children from Clark today or tomorrow. If everything is approved in time, this will be their last week there.

Teachers, you have been wonderful inspirations and excellent instructors for my children. I could not have hoped for better teachers and thank you for everything you have given to Natalie and Joe. I have the same regard for Ms. Jefferis, Ms. Wood, Ms. Azzarello (both of my children loved her so much), Ms. Leigh McIlwaine, Ms. Driscoll, Ms. Meads, Ms. Doctor, Ms. Ortiz, Mr. Isle, and Coach Mooney. We have never had a teacher at Clark that we didn't like. Each made a unique contribution to my children's development and to their lives. If not for the Wifi, I would definitely leave them in public school under your academic guidance.

Joseph is upset that he will miss the 5th grade activities and his friends since kindergarten; Natalie, likewise, doesn't want to leave her friends. Both have also said they will miss their teachers and school in general. As you know, I have addressed the WiFi issue from every direction that has formally been available to me, and then some. Mr. Hegarty still has not answered any of my public records requests that I made in January. He did forward one statement from Mr. Smith; but it did not answer any of my specific requests. I feel I am getting no cooperation at the school district level and the PTA is unwilling to intervene or represent me as well. I have sent numerous studies to all of you showing harm as well as letters from scientists who are experts in this field who discourage use of wifi in schools. All of this seems to have no great bearing on the situation. So I feel I have no choice other than to withdraw my children from school and home school them.

I will continue to pursue this issue with SDHC as I still have 2 children in high school who are exposed to microwave radiation and have been, unbeknownst to me until the installation at Clark, since middle school. I will continue to write to scientists and public health experts and have enclosed a response from a leading researcher in Greece, Dr. Panagopoulos. His recent study regarding fertility impairment and a meta-analysis is attached. I will also pursue this at the state level and with the Health Department. But as I continue following my conscience, at least I will have the peace of mind that my younger children are no longer exposed at school. When whole European cities have banned Wifi at schools, I know I am not alone in my thinking. The government of Germany has advised its citizens to avoid wifi and to use hard-wired computers; going still further, Frankfort has banned Wifi in schools. The Germans hardly have an anti-technology reputation; their engineering is preeminent in the world. I've sent you similar positions from other municipalities and professional organizations as well. It is just here, at SDHC, that the idea is out of sync. I can not fathom why this school added a wifi system when you already had working hard-wired computers--especially when the wifi consistently malfunctions; hence, you are exposing everyone to microwave radiation for no perceived benefit--as if any benefit could outweigh the risk when there is an alternative available and in place. It doesn't make any sense to me and I sincerely question the school district's judgment regarding all wireless technologies on school campuses.

I realize most of the academic work for the year is completed, but do have one request. If it is not too much trouble, would the teachers please give me a brief outline of the topics they will be covering until the end of the year in English, Science, Social Studies, and Math? My inquiries have led me to believe that it is too late to enroll my children in a formal homeschooling program at this time and I do not want my children to get behind. I was advised to review skills, read, go to museums and libraries, etc. Any other advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Debbie Rubin

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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