The last few months of the life of Angelika S. who was chemically sensitive

Being electro hyper-sensitive (EHS) can be painful, bad for health, employment, relationships and quality of life. Being EHS and having multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), makes living even harder. The sad story below is from Germany, but here in Canada, in Toronto, we have a victim who is suffering on a similar scale (maybe worse) to Angelika. If you feel that you can provide any help or support to 'Linda', please contact me and I will pass your information on.

Martin Weatherall

The last few months of the life of Angelika S. who was chemically sensitive

Chemical sensitivity ? MCS is recognized as a disease and as a physical disability in Germany. The disease is coded at ICD-10 with T78.4 as an organic disease. One might think that people with MCS get proper medical treatment, are treated with fairness like other disabled people, get special workplaces and receive help. Sadly all of this is still lacking in Germany. People with MCS are left without medical attention and accommodations. If their families are unable to take care of them they are lost. For the very sick this sad and unacceptable situation can end in disaster as in the following authentic case.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Christiane Tourtet's article "After Lawsuit by Employee with Chemical Sensitivity Detroit City establishes fragrance-free policy" has been published in the American Chronicle and its 21 Affiliates Magazines.You can read her article by clicking on the link below:


All the Press articles of Christiane Tourtet B.A. can be read at:


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