Electromagnetic fields and DNA damage


Dear Victims of Michael Repacholi (and associates):

The finding made by Dr. Lai at the University of Washington concerning the capacity of cell phone telephony to damage the human genome is an outstanding rediscovery of the medical marvels of US and Socialist Medicine during the XXth century. The presence of micronuclei in vegetable species was a harbinger of the health scandal that was forming inside EMF Project of the World Health Oranization. More Tobacco Science and millions of dead.

The need to study day and night the history and dialectical evolution of the biological effects of microwaves, goes without saying.

Micronuclei, which are a pathological evidence of genetic damage, can be easily evidenced with the common light microscope. The technique developed to recognize the presence of this genetic damage is technically called Alkaline Single Cell Gel Microelectrophoresis Assay or in simple terms, the comet assay.

I would like to refer you all to a paragraph in the classic of the field entitled: "Biological Effects of Microwaves" written by S. Baranski and P. Czerski. On page 132 they write:

"Chromosomal Effects, Possible Genetic Effects, and Influence of Microwave Radiation on Mitosis. Cellular Effects

Chromosomal aberrations and mitotic abnormalities may be induced, at least under certain conditions and in certain cell types, by exposure to microwave or radiofrequency fields. This is a well-established fact, as several reports from at least five independent laboratories exist. A series of investigations was carried out by Heller his coworkers at the New England Institute for Medical Research, Ridgefield, Connecticut. These authors were the first to observe such effects in 1958, and have continued their research till now. Chromosomal and mitotic aberrations could be induced in garlic root tips exposed to 5-40 MHz PW at various pulse duration 15 to 30 ms, repetition rates 500 to 1000 Hz and intensities varying between 250 to 6000 V/cm. Bridging, fragmentation,micronuclei, and chromosomal lagging were observed."

Karlie Vachof

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