Corporate Interference with Science and Health: Fracking, Food and Wireless


Informant: André Fauteux


EMF Harm

We are a growing EMF Group in the US, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, and Europe. We would like you to include our website and conference call data in your Newsletter. We are under the Umbrella of Occupy Wall Street.

We have weekly conference calls on thurs. at 2:00 pm, Eastern time, discussing important new research, breaking activist news, and discussing ways to educate the public, seminars, political intervention, articles written in newspapers. Thank You.

Sandy Fields
Occupy EMF Harm

To get a call in number, follow the below link:

From: Sandy Fields, Host

Email me if you would like to be a guest, or have breaking news or have a concern: EMF_harm@yahoo.com
OccupyEMF Harm Conference calls are every Thurs. at 2:00pm Eastern time.

To get a call in number, and join the conferences; here is the link:



The Republican Plan To Invalidate Scientific Research

Kevin Mathews, Care2: Republicans are funding and generating alternative research that backs up their own claims. More than a dozen conservative senators are currently calling for an end to disclosure rules so that biased scientific studies can be presented as fact.


More about the theme:


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