The Problem With Smart Meters


Informative short film from Grassroots Environmental [ http://www.grassrootsinfo.org/ ]


SIU professor receives research grant to explore potential Smart Meter Grid Privacy Breaches

?Utilities providers would like to gather power usage information from customers every 15 minutes,? Akkaya said. ?The goal is to have power map of cities in real-time, and to generate electricity based on the exact need. In addition to customer data, they also plan to deploy sensors on power lines and substations to collect data about the quality of the power generated. Plus, they would like to do state estimation (power system monitoring) of their power network. This component of the Smart Grid is called wide area situation awareness.?


This abuse of our rights has to stop NOW!! Stop Smart Meters Australia

All these parrots know is what they are told to say and just by carrying this out shows to me they are a measly bunch who are very weak or devoid of any principles or conscience and would do or say anything for money.


Texas Lies

In Massachusetts, National Grid has submitted a report compiled by the Texas PUC regarding Smart Meters and Health:

Project No. 40190, Project Relating to Advanced Metering Issues

Report on Health and Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields from Advanced Meters


Among the more ridiculous claims, the report states that Dr. David Carpenter is not a Dr. and that smart meter safety activists may be unduly influences by advertisers.

HaltMAsmartmeters is compiling a rebuttal, if you can contribute input or have countered this document yourself, please contact HaltMAsmartmeters@gmail.com


APS smart meters worry residents

The Clarkdale Town Council heard a presentation Tuesday night from Sedona Smart Meter Awareness, a group that advocates against the widespread deployment of smart meters and their possible negative health effects in communities.


Stealth Meters

Analog meters with hidden transmitters.


Direct Action in Victoria: Smart meter removed by homeowner and returned to Powercor


Man protects daughter from dangerous meter

Powercor Australia is an electricity distribution company that operates throughout western Victoria and the western and southern suburbs of Melbourne.



The Dangers of EMF Exposure


Petition protests (dangerous dumb) meter fees

It has even reached a point where many members not only want to get rid of their smart meters, but don t want the digital meters. Instead, many have requested the older mechanical meters.



As Towns Say No, Signs of Rising Resistance to Smart Meters

Some residents resisted, and the smart meter vote played a large role in last weekend s recall of the city s mayor and the electoral defeat of two council members.



Informant: Martin Weatherall


Update on the Victorian smart meter removal controversy


Wireless Smart Meter Case Studies in Victoria, Australia



Chamber of Physicians: New electricity meters cause more electrosmog


Informant: André Fauteux

More about the theme:


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