Is Your Smart Meter Causing Brain Damage?


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'Smart Meters are a community concern'

The current FCC Maximum Permitted Exposure (MPE) limits are so high that they provide no protection for the public from the biological effects found in any of the 67 studies.


A scientific look at smart meters pokes holes in CMP safety claims

I recall one incident where a co-worker and I were working near a radio frequency field that was considered safe. Before starting work, I had removed my wedding band and watch, knowing that metal moving in a field can conduct electricity. After a short time, my co-worker stated that it smelled like someone was cooking a hot dog, then he started to yell and shake his left hand.

It turned out his movements near the field had induced a current in his wedding band, 'cooking' his finger. It is my understanding from my work that long-term exposure to radiated energy, even at very low dosage, can have an accumulated effect on human tissue.


Smart Meters: Creating New Vulnerabilities?

'Why are we creating new vulnerabilities in the grid, and then being sold the idea that this is somehow going to make the grid more stable and reliable?' del Sol asked.


Smart Meter Fires

In BC (and I believe the same is true in every province) no agency is tracking fires or damaged appliances associated with smart meters. We have had many fires in BC but the utility company denies responsibility and no information is available about the cause. The provincial fire commissioner has no code for smart meters so all such fires are included with all other 'electrical' ones.

So I when I heard that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating fires said to be caused by smart meters, I asked if we could report ours, too. I was told yes, if the model was the same used in the US.

'If you do believe that the particular model is available in the US. You can file a report with us at http://www.saferproducts.gov or call 1-800-638-2772 Mon to Fri 8 am to 5:30 pm.

If the product is available for purchase in the US, then we do have jurisdiction. With utility meters, we don t have jurisdiction over health issues attributed to RF or EMF from the meter, but we are interested in fire reports involving meters that are used in the US. For a fire incident in Canada to be of interest to us, the model (not just the manufacturer) involved would have to be the same as one that is marketed in the US.'

In BC the model used is the ITRON Centron II Openway, and this is the same one used in many places in the US.

If our governments will not protect us, then let s get help from the US. Please check to see if the model of smart meter used in your area is used in the US. If it is, please report fires that are covered by the media.

Sharon Noble

LP&L board members to meet about smart meters on Monday

In an initial vote last week, the City Council decided to remove the 15 million dollar capital project from LP&L s budget proposal.


Informant: Martin Weatherall

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