Interview with the Swedish EMF-expert Professor Olle Johansson

Please, see this new article ["Interview with the Swedish EMF-expert Professor Olle Johansson", http://www.lexnaturalis.nl/?p=688] by Kelly Mostard. Read below what she writes about it:

The final version is online now: http://www.lexnaturalis.nl/?p=688 . I hope lots of people will read it to spread the awareness and hopefully some people realize the importance for funding this kind of research.

Kelly Mostard

Please, see this new article by Mara Kne?evi? Kern. Read what she writes about it:

Dear Mr. Johansson,

I translated part of your work, the one that is not strictly professional and adjust the matter for the average mobile user.

I quoted your sentences and conclusions, and used the opportunity to fit it in my questions (form of interview). It is a very important and topical issue, people are fleeing from the truth. They must be given in an intelligible form. It is in Serbian language, but hope that you would like to be informed.You can find my ''interview'' on the page 48 and 49 (Pecat magazin).

The children of my friends, 7 years, are not not separated from the cell (24h) and it is very difficult to get through totheir brains.And every day the new ''stronger'' one.

If Sweden manages to implement some of the suggestionsfor minimizing wireless technology I hope that you?ll let me knew.
Thanks for your time, you have done a great job.

Mara Kne?evi? Kern


''Rupert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK''


Also see this: ''Rupert Sheldrake on the TED controversy''


Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

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