Camp Meeker CA, Smart Meters Not Wanted

This week in Sebastopol California the city asked the PUC to defer deployment of smart meters. The Camp Meeker CA governing board has also asked the PUC for a moratorium. Meanwhile customers are receiving notices of installation in the mail... Will the PUC, PG&E ignore these requests?

On the EMF Safety Network website you can find new documents on Smart Meters. Smart Meter comments (billing, fires, interference) (These comments are from various articles online and give a real peek into consumer complaints) Link to Santa Cruz County online Smart Meter petition Sebastopol letter to CPUC EMF Safety Network Smart Meter Review Questions (sent to PGE) Template for a sign to place on your meters Updated Smart Meter hand outs "No Thanks PG&E" article by Sandi Maurer printed in the Bohemian


And attached is the Camp Meeker CA governing board letter to CPUC.

Sandi Maurer
EMF Safety Network

Camp Meeker CA, Smart Meters Not Wanted

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Sebastopol safety concerns over PG&E SmartMeters

San Francisco Chronicle

Maurer is the founder of the EMF Safety Network, a clearinghouse for information on the possible dangers of electromagnetic fields. ...



Fairfax seeks moratorium on PG&E's 'smart meters'

Contra Costa Times

"The concern is that these things equate to cell phone towers times 10, and that the ambient electromagnetic and radio wave fields that will come as a ...



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