Radiation Risk has been covered up

Many lives could have been saved if the decisionmakers had reacted early to the warning signals, the European Environment Agency says in its new report.

New technology can sometimes have adverse effects, but have despite the many warning signals been ignored or covered up. This is the view of the European Environment Agency EEA, in its new report that contains several case studies.

One example mentioned in the report, Late Lessons from Early Warnings, Part 2, is the increased brain tumor risk from mobile phone use. Yet the government and authorities have not reacted sufficiently mean EEA.

Purchased studies?

The report says that the industry largely works proactively to stop stricter regulation. Among other things, by funding research manipulated to show zero risk. One example in the report is the risk of brain tumors from mobile phone use.

Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation has embraced the report and would like to see a change. They believe that responding early alarms can stimulate innovation and bring economic benefits.

There is abundant evidence of serious risks of microwave radiation from wireless technologies. Now EEA clearly show that early measures and tougher regulations contrary to the prevailing view, favours innovation, saves lives and provides significant economic gains.

We must stop letting the telecom industry fund and influence research on health risks, and throw out their scientists from government expert groups, says Tore Fahlström of Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

The Foundation invites Swedish politicians and decision-makers to act on EEA report s recommendations.

Footnote: Tore Fahlstrom has a background in the electronics and telecommunications industry as an engineer, manager and businessperson. After 17 years in the business, he came to understand the risks of the technology he helped to develop and market, and has since been strongly committed to helping those affected, with a vision of a more biologically sustainable society

Text: Sara Johansson


Informant: Martin Weatherall

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