Legislation to protect the population against microwave radiation

News from France

The number of angry parents, mayors and other players in France keeps on increasing to the point where a group of representatives at the France National Assembly are presenting (January 31st) the first comprehensive legislation to protect the population against microwave radiation including the following:

-WiFi regulation replacing wireless routers by hard wired routers in all public schools, hospitals, libraries and other public areas? (I do not know about private businesses like cafes...)

-Lowering the power of cell phone towers signals as low as reasonably achievable (based on the ALARA Principle)

-A stricter regulation for the implementation of cell phone towers, with required construction permits, and transparence in the implementation and planning of an electro-magnetic cadaster

-The development and launching of an education campaign on the dangers of electro-magnetic radiation

-The recognition/acceptance of EHS (electro hyper sensitivity), defined as an intolerance to electro-magnetic fields

The legislation proposal is based both ON the Precautionary Principle and on the scientific research to date. As you know, the industry will always claim that the research is not conclusive, but independent researchers counter that they have proven beyond doubt that the increasing microwave radiation is going to lead to a major health crisis in the coming years.

It will be interesting how the Industry in France will fight it. ''Robin des Toits'' has a task force supporting the legislation and their website http://www.robindestoits.org (in French) will keep their readers informed. It will create more awareness in the French public, even if it does not pass right away, because the young and not so young generation in France is like here, intensely glued to their wireless toys.


PS In the advent some parties decide to have WiFi free zones, it means that in cafes or libraries for example, clients could be given the option to connect through Ethernet cables. But the new tablets do not have a connection port. Apple and other manufacturers of wireless equipment are all designing with the belief that wireless cannot be reversed back to hard wiring. They maybe wrong!


Informant: Martin Weatherall

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