Lake District in peril from phone mast 'free-for-all'

The Guardian

A plan to relax planning constraints on phone masts and overhead cables being erected across Britain s most protected countryside has been described by campaigners as the biggest attack on national parks and areas of outstanding beauty in more than 50...


[ Sarah Wright of Mast Sanity, a campaign group, added that she was also concerned about the health implications for wildlife in the parks and beauty spots.


Informant: Martin Weatherall ]


Beauty spots at risk in 4G phone mast 'free-for-all' under controversial proposals to relax planning restrictions

Daily Mail

But plans to relax planning restrictions on mobile phone masts and overhead cables could create a 'free-for-all' and leave Britain s most beautiful areas 'disfigured', campaigners warned yesterday. Under controversial proposals contained in a Bill to...



Parks Beyond Borders: Phone ''Masts'' May Be Coming to Lake District, Thermal Pools Kaput in Canada s Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

National Parks Traveler

In England, the English National Park Authorities Association, ''representing the government-funded bodies stewarding the parks,'' has expressed its alarm at a plan to ''relax planning constraints on phone masts (cell towers) and overhead cables being...



LGA fears mobile phone mast 'free-for-all'

Public Finance

'We are concerned that this will open the door to a mobile phone mast free-for-all where giant masts could start cropping up in beauty spots, historic locations and next to schools. People would be left powerless to object and councils would be left...



New growth bill 'will lead to phone mast free-for-all'

Telegraph.co.uk Comments.

As MPs prepare to debate the bill in the House of Commons, local authorities said the plans will lead to a ''mobile phone mast free-for-all'' across the Britain. Ministers will today insist the plans under the Growth and Infrastructure Bill are...



LGA: planning changes could create phone mast 'free-for-all'


Councils could be left powerless to stop the installation of mobile phone masts under government proposals, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned. A clause in the Growth and Infrastructure Bill that extends planning deregulations proposed...


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