Electrosensitivity in Sweden


Decisions on support to EHS

Tuesday 04 September

Foil wallpaper, installation of gas stove and leading paint on floors and ceilings. There are measures that Örnsköldsvik Municipality may soon pay for EHS residents.

Erland Lundgren: ''It means a lot'' Borderland Lundgren: ''It means a lot'' (5:04)

Foil wallpaper, installation of gas stove and leading paint on floors and ceilings. There are measures that Örnsköldsvik Municipality may soon pay for EHS residents. Today, the City determines whether to grant a subsidy of 200,000 per year for elsanering of privatbostader. Erland Lundgren is Chairman of ElectroSensitive compound in west Norrland County. Interviewed by Tulla Maja Fogelberg.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 10:35 (News P4 Västernorrland) Matti Ohlsson: ''They have pointed out the need for'' Matti Ohlsson: ''They have pointed out the need'' (3:30)

Contributions to elsanering of housing Övik is an official proposal that the City will consider tonight. It is based on an investigation conducted by, among others handikappkonsulent municipality and municipal secretary Matti Ohlsson. Interviewed

by Tulla Maja Fogelberg.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 10:36 am (News P4 Västernorrland)

Today, the City determines whether to allocate SEK 200 000 per year for elsanering of private homes.

The background is that members of the association in ElectroSensitive Västernorrland has pointed out the need and started the investigation with officers at Örnsköldsvik.

The system already exists in a number of other municipalities, especially north of Matti Ohlsson, handikappkonsulent and local sect Secretary in Örnsköldsvik Municipality.

Is it unusual for municipalities to grant this type of funding?

- Help to adjust their housing from municipalities is not uncommon, disabled facilities are very common, says Matti Ohlsson.

It says in the proposal that elsaneringsbidraget not covered by the rules of housing adaptation law. Why?

- It has probably more to do that EHS is not classified as a disability. Here we apart from it and not stuck in that discussion if there is a disability or not. We have noted that there are people who feel they have a need, says Matti Ohlsson.

Erland Lundgren is Chairman of ElectroSensitive association in västernorrland and according to him would mean a lot for grants to assist EHS.

- We have 60 members and I believe that at least half the need, ten of which are urgently needed. You try to find low-radiation environments, but it is hard to find it on your own.

How is it that elsanera a home?

- It means isolating all power in the house that they will not emit any radiation. It is an expensive operation, it costs at least 100 000. I've only elsa off my bedroom and it cost 12 000 SEK, says Erland Lundgren.

What are the symptoms of EHS?

- The most common is poor memory, particularly short-term memory. Aggressivite, short tempered, hard to restrain himself and imbalance. Some also have poor sleep.

What causes the disease?

- It comes as a bolt from the blue, it is difficult to predict who will suffer. I was sitting at my computer and felt myself every hot in the face and all red.

There s a pretty strong opinion against EHS - which says that it is hittepå simply. How do you experience it?

- It is strange for those who have seen and experienced it myself. You can also tag yourself and others that the only thing that helps is to get to a more low-radiation environment.

You live in a village outside Junsele. Forces all EHS to live lonely in rural areas?

- No, the worst affected. They are trying to find low-radiation areas.

Are you electrosensitivity? Or do you know someone who is?
Email: news.vasternorrland @ sverigesradio.se


Could Radiation from Car Alarms be harming you?

I asked Alasdair of 'Powerwatch' for more information and here is his reply:

I do know that some car alarms for remote alarm use WiFi to link with the house nearby, same power as normal WiFi. There are also cellphone technology car alarms that report the car's GPS position regularly and also send an SMS message to a pre-set cellphone number if the car is tampered with in any way. They have the same power as a single cellphone. I do not know of any Bluetooth car alarms.

Separately at lower frequencies: Electric cars and large cars with the battery in the trunk (boot) and the engine at the front fill the inside of the car with nasty high-frequency switching EMFs, really nasty stuff. I personally know that Audis and Volvos and some Mercedes suffer from this. I have rewired an Audi A5 to reduce the in-cabin magnetic fields. I do not know about USA and Canadian cars.

Best regards



I recently measured a new BMW car with my radiofrequency meter and found that when the engine was turned on, the drivers area had quite strong microwave radiation, particularly around the area where the knees and legs would normally be. The driver reported more fatigue during a journey.

This is very disappointing from a company that prides itself with automobile safety!

Beware of any cars with bluetooth devices installed.

Martin Weatherall

Bits of Mystery DNA Play Crucial Role

The discovery, considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough, has enormous implications for human health because many complex diseases appear to be caused by tiny changes in hundreds of gene switches.


An amazing study which could be the key that has been missing, the mechanism.

We all know that studies have shown DNA damage due to prolonged exposure to electro magnetic radiation.

Now it seems that they have found the ''switches'' that can be triggered by environmental agents.

Sharon Noble

Pulsed microwave radiation must be a strong candidate for causing these tiny changes to gene switches!

Electrosensitivity in Sweden


Informant: Martin Weatherall


EMF opinion of Japan Federation of Bar Association


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