Malaga: 43 Cancer Cases Among 350 Residents Living Near a Mobile Telephone Relay Antenna

Malaga: 43 Cancer Cases Among 350 Residents Living Near a Mobile Telephone Relay Antenna



Re: Malaga story

This Malaghoy cancer story is doing the rounds but I wonder how meaningful it is. In the West, about 1 adult in 3 now develops some form of cancer (from minor and benign to major and deadly) at some time in their life. Malaghoy reports 1 in 8. I suspect you would find at least that level in most communities. It really is essential for such places (where there may well be a real cluster around a mast) to get some proper detailed data collection and analysis carried out. Generalised reports like this really are not helpful.

I am VERY frustrated by the refusal of Authorities (everywhere) to properly investigate these matters. On 3rd November I wrote a formal letter the UK HPA (see below for the text - the recipient's personal name is removed). At last week's ICNIRP Salzburg meeting Paula Vecchia actually stated that "long term effects cannot form the basis of ICNIRP's Guidance", so that confirms that we leave acute affects to ICNIRP and look elsewhere (e.g. The BioInitiative group) for biologically based precautionary advice. I gather that the Norway meeting has made some progress in this direction. Hopefully we will see a published paper on this next year. I managed to get the BioInitiative Report Wiki page restored and rejuvenated last week, but it needs more work on it if it is to properly meet their "notability" requirements ( what I have done is not really right - someone has already added alternative views which is actually good as far as Wiki is concerned). Anyone can edit the page within Wiki rules, but with proper care (please!!!) or it will be removed again. "Rants"(however well justified) are not allowed on Wiki.

Actually, proper ecological/epidemiological studies are becoming almost impossible to do as so many people have DECT cordless phones in their house (like a mobile phone microcell base-station transmitting 24/7 inside their house!) and so many are also installing an 24/7 WiFi/wLAN Access Point inside their houses. What RF effects are due to these and what due to exposure from nearby base stations? About 30% of most people's pulsing microwave exposure is now from DECT and WiFi. I just hope that we are wrong and this will not bring the worst plague ever on humankind (far worse in the long-run than Aids/HIV). Unfortunately, at present, I read the incoming evidence as showing that we are right. We have a major problem, especially for future generations.

Alasdair Philips

My letter text (3rd November 2009 - it has been acknowledged):

Dear <<Director of Public Health UK Health Protection Agency -Radiation Protection Division>>

I present, below, the analysis of the first 500 replies to an uncontrolled Questionnaire study distributed by the French "Next-Up" organisation from: http://www.next-up.org/Newsoftheworld/EnqueteEuropeenneRiverainsAntennesRelais.php

I recognise that such a "study" will have significant selection and reporting biases, however, yet again, the same problems are being reported by people living near mobile phone base-stations.

The Bamberg Doctors 2005 dramatic results, at the letter to the German Prime Minister, which you have seen before, are available here: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/20050722_bamberg.asp

A list of over 25 published, peer-reviewed, studies regarding effects of living near to base station antennas can be found here: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/science/studies.asp

Most of these studies show similar adverse effects and many show dose-response relationships with distance or signal strength. I accept that many of these studies have flaws but, together, they provide a compelling case for significant action under the Precautionary Principle.

Given the investment in and use of the enormous cellular network infrastructure, the most appropriate action to take would be to ensure that a well planned and controlled study is carried out into the general health of people living near to base station antennas compared with people living more than, say 1km away, and the measured signal levels in their homes.

As you know, I have been asking you and the UK Department of Health (DH) for a formal National study into this using GP records for at least the last five years. I believe that it is a failure of duty to care and an abuse of human rights for our Government not to follow this issue up and investigate it properly. You are responsible for advising Government, via DH, in these matters.

I believe that such a study, at the present time, would need HPA and DH backing to get formal Ethics Approval as access to health records, the geographical location and contact details would be necessary to be able to carry out the work meaningfully.

The UK Government are currently receiving something in the order of £15bn a year from taxes on mobile phones and mobile phone calls. Surely the resources can be found from this enormous income stream to fund such a study?

In the past you have used reports from your scientific advisory group, AGNIR, to justify non-action. However, they are not in a position to refute the many studies reporting adverse effects on health from base-station exposures until a properly controlled and executed study has been carried out. That is both scientifically wrong and morally untenable.

I call on you, as the person I see most responsible for advising the UK Government in these matters, to press the need for authorising and funding such a study.

Yours sincerely

Alasdair Philips
Director of Powerwatch

From: Iris Atzmon


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