Your Cell Phone Can Be Causing Brain Injury


Improved communication at what cost?

Parents call out board over cell towers

Walnut Creek school will not host Internet antenna

Phones, radios and even microwaves could cause sudden bursts of speed

More weird thoughts -- electromagnetic radiation

Impaired by Cell Phone Radiation

I thought you might be interested in one of my intriquing microwave stories. Toyota's scrambled mother board problem is really dear to my heart. I am adamant that all personal communication devices are turned off when I am in a vehicle. I abhor travelling in heavy traffic - I call it Microwave Alley.


Toyota's Brain's Aren't The Only Ones Being Scrambled!

Well-known to all automakers, is a rare phenomenon or should I say problem. Electromechanical interference can disrupt signals to the electronic throttle control component. Interesting. Apparently signals from a cell phone, Blackberry, restaurant microwaves, or radio transmission tower can do the job according to John Liu, a Wayne State University professor of electronics and computer engineering.

Several years ago I had an alarming episode while driving my truck. I had just come off a BC ferry from the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver. Driving is aggressive, bumper to bumper, 100kmh, horses-to-the-barn. In those days the cell phone towers weren't in place up the coast. We were now in cell phone communication territory so my gentleman friend travelling with me fired up his cell phone to see if he had any messages. I immediately went into an altered state of consciousness - a dizzy, chemical feeling. I was totally impaired. I kept screaming silently to myself - "you're driving a truck, you're driving a truck, pay attention to what you are doing!" He shut off his cell phone and I settled down.

"What the h... was that all about" still speaking silently to myself. "When you park this truck you will never drive again. It is quite obvious that there is something wrong with you. You cannot be trusted". It was an anxious drive. The three-lane Lion's Gate Bridge and heavy downtown traffic. Not pleasant. I'm concerned.

That evening while I was listening to talk radio, a guest speaker William Thomas from Hornby Island, BC, presented some very timely information. Mr. Thomas has done a tremendous amount of research on cell phones. He said that when the cell phone industry started targeting the under ten years old, he had to come forward and say something again. He was describing adverse effects and physical symptoms related to cell phone exposure, and he described exactly what happened to me in the truck that afternoon. I sat bolt upright in bed and yelled out - "what the #!#!#!#!"

So, let us seriously think about this. A cell phone or other personal communication device works in the microwave frequency range. Therefore, while in a car, bus, train or plane with one or more of these devices roving or communicating at their highest energy output because they are relaying from tower to tower, we are actually in a microwave oven.

Toyota's brains aren't the only ones being scrambled. Think of all the children in the back seat getting radiated.

Note - I strongly suspect that wiring is the weak link in vehicles that have problems with electro magnetic radiation interference. Older cars have few problems with electro magnetic fields yet many modern cars have extremely strong and dangerous electro magnetic fields inside the passenger cabin. If the wiring of modern cars allows EMFs to escape so easily into the passenger compartment, there is good reason to believe that radiation can get on to the wiring system in a similar way.

I have found several cars which have made me ill because of the high electro magnetic fields. The EMF levels in most new vehicles are much higher than levels suspected to cause leukaemia and other serious health effects. It is time that all vehicle manufacturers take this problem seriously and make cars that are safe from excessive EMF exposure.

Martin Weatherall


Government looks into cell phones as cause of Toyota's gas pedal defect


Toyota claims they have tested their electrical systems many times with different methods of electromagnetic radiation, but could not find any problems. ...



Electromagnetic signals' link to gas pedals probed

USA Today

By Jayne O'Donnell, USA TODAY

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating whether electromagnetic signals such as those from radar ...



Agency Takes a 'Fresh Look' at Electronics in Toyota Recall

New York Times (blog)


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun what it calls a ?fresh look? at electromagnetic ...



US probes electronics in Toyota recall


The official says the safety agency is looking at the possibility that electromagnetic interference might somehow be causing Toyota's electronic throttle ...



US Widens Toyota Probe to Electronics

Wall Street Journal

... its vehicles through "extensive electromagnetic radiation testing" and has never been able to produce a failure related to microwaves or magnetic force. ...



Sec. of Transportation now says he misspoke about telling Toyota driver to ...

The Bay City Times - MLive.com

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will conduct an investigation into electronic throttle control systems and potential electromagnetic ...


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From:Cindy Sage
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: The US Health Dept: use the mobile phone to improve health of babies.......

An article in today's New York Times recommends wireless insulin pumps for children to keep their blood glucose levels steady overnight. Johnson and Johnson is mentioned as a supporter of this technology, among others. Please send this around widely to encourage discussion about the perils of reliance on wireless technologies in medicine.

We may be seeing the convergence in recognition of systemic problems with new technologies for electronics in autos (Toyota and Prius) and electronics in medical devices that will malfunction BECAUSE they are being used in "dirty RF environments". It is one thing to build a technological device and operate it under perfectly clean conditions in the lab, and quite another to release it into the world where there is a complex and ever-changing exposure to RF. Spurious RF signals can influence the operation of ventilators and pumps in hospital settings. In motorized wheel-chairs. Perhaps now in wireless key ignition autos.

It is time for a complete re-evaluation. And, it is time for those who produce medical devices to stop advocating new wireless technological applications for them, until this problem is cleared up. It is reckless and negligent action to do otherwise.

Editorial Comment by Cindy Sage February 5, 2010

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Sent: Friday, February 5, 2010 7:11:28 AM GMT -07:00 US/Canada Mountain Subject: Fw: The US Health Dept: use the mobile phone to improve health of babies.......

How low things can get? this low:

----- Original Message -----

From: Mona Nilsson Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 10:33 AM Subject: The US Health Dept: use the mobile phone to improve health of babies.......


I get really upset.

In Sweden our former minister for industry Ulrica Messing said 3G would be indispensable for the treatment of children with cancer in her efforts to promote the 3G roll out. Amazingly many decision makers and politicians did not question that at all.


Public health implications of wireless technologies

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Toyota Recall: Possible Lives at Risk and Real Issue Still in Question

Lawyers and Settlements Experts in the arena of electromagnetic interference suspect the problem is not a mechanical one that can be repaired with a mechanical fix...



Gov't: 34 deaths alleged in Toyotas since 2000

The Associated Press

The government has renewed an investigation into potential electromagnetic problems in vehicles built by Toyota and other manufacturers. ...



Electromagnetic Compatibility: Toyota "sticking pedals" recall is a smokescreen

by EurIng Keith Armstrong

Dossier Compatibilité Électromagnétique CE (partie1) "TOYOTA EHS = BUG" (vidéos Toyota et Radars)



Toyota calls in Exponent Inc. as hired gun

Extensive report on Toyota vehicle recall


Could electronics be what's causing runaway cars?

USA Today

More likely sources are onboard components, he says, because even very low-power electromagnetic radiation from the car's electronics could cause a problem. ...



Electromagnetic Fields Eyed in Toyota Woes

CBS News

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are produced in varying frequencies due to their source: electric currents, power lines, radio and microwave antennas, ...



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