Not-so-smart meters are a restriction on daily life

The Tennessean

So why were citizens up in arms, blockading trucks and opposing mandatory installation of smart meters in Marin County in California in January 2011?


Our Smart Meters are Really Dangerous

Video Interview with Dr. David Carpenter


Our Smart Meters Cause Fires

Some homeowners worry installing new 'smart meters' could spark fires.


Out Smart Grid is Really Stupid

Thalia Assuras sat down with former CIA Director James Woolsey to discuss the current state of the nation s electric grid and its vulnerabilities. Woolsey says the federal government s oversight of grid security is inadequate and attacks on the grid are "entirely possible.''


Hydro Extortion

Unwanted smart meters.

An additional approach which has been presented by a retired fraud investigator and police office for Vancouver, is that Hydro is using extortion to put smart meters on homes. They are threatening people by saying that if they do not allow a meter to be installed their power will be cut. A threat that is unnecessary since the analog meters are still functioning and performing their jobs of recording usage. Given all the problems, people have justifiable reasons for refusing, and Hydro, being a monopoly, is using this threat, or telling people they can go off the grid as their only option.


Maple Ridge residents protest against smart meters

People in 24 of the 28 units signed a petition and sent it to the utility company in January.


Naperville officials call $73000 in FOIA requests ''harassment, abuse''

Chicago Daily Herald

Kim Bendis, president of the smart meter opposition group, said she believes the city could have saved all of that money had officials been more forthcoming with information when the questions were first asked. ''If words like harassment and abuse are...


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (NSMA) filed a Complaint for Injunctive Relief in United States

December 30, 2011: Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (NSMA) filed a Complaint for Injunctive Relief in United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division, (Case No 11-cv-9299)



Create a strong case at the federal level to stop the installation of ''smart'' meters in Naperville


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Are Victorians being misled with the smart meter ''mandate''?


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