Swedish police officer got brain tumour (glioma) after using Tetra handset

From: Mona Nilsson

First this Swedish policeman got severe skin problems ( http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosacea ). In December 2011 he was diagnosed with glioma.


Police: I got sick from the radiation

Text: Magnus Aspegren
Published January 28, 2012 1:30 Updated January 31, 2012 13:35

Trelleborg. Trelleborg Police Roger Carlstrom became ill when he was working with the communications system Rachel (Tetra) in his service. Now he wants that the Police Union to seriously investigate the issue.

Roger Carlstrom has been a policeman since 1987. When communications Rachel (Tetra) was introduced in Southern region of Sweden in 2007, he had a single service, but when he went back to the external service his problems started.

-I noticed it almost immediately. I got blush on the face, says Roger Carlstrom.

He went to a dermatologist who said that it was about rosacea, a skin disease that gives a rash, mainly on the face, and that you do not know the cause. In the years that followed were Roger Carlstrom carefully noticed when and in what situations the rash flared up. After a few hundred sessions in the car he thought that the connection was obvious.

-The more traffic it was over Rachel (Tetra), the redder I was in the face.

The symptoms became worse when Roger Carlstrom participated in major operations in connection with such as football matches or demonstrations.

-When you sat in a bus with eight colleagues and everyone was wearing a portable station this resulted in even more redness.

At one point he worked first alone in the car during a session. Then he had Rachel (Tetra) with the power off and no problems at all of the rash. The last hours Roger Carlstrom worked with a colleague who had his unit up and running. Roger Carlstrom became bright red in the face right on the side that his colleague was sitting.

From that he first only reacted when he used Rachel (Tetra) Roger Carlströms later became sensitive from other exposures as well. He began to feel the same trouble at home and discovered that it was due to a wireless network that was running.

Last summer Roger Carlstrom went to work at the police station on Toftanäs and where he initially had no problems with the rash. But after just a few hours, he had severe redness of the face. He would then work at a distance from police premises in Trelleborg and became better. But in the autumn the discomfort came back. Roger Carlstrom discovered that there were wireless networks in the building and went around the house and found a room where there was no network.

-Then I was fine again, says Roger Carlstrom.

Just before Christmas, Roger Carlstrom got worse and doctors discovered he had a brain tumor that is now operated.

-Flushing are, I am 100 percent sure is due to radiation from Rachel and I strongly suspect that it caused the tumor as well.

Roger Carlstrom has done work injury reports because of the illnesses he suffered and now want to first of all, can bring about a change in how portable Rachel (Tetra in Sweden) stations are used.

-But I think that the radio system that works with pulsed microwaves should be banned until you considered how dangerous they might be.

It is mainly used in vehicles that worries Roger Carlstrom.

-The waves bounce off the roof and back of the user with an effect that is perhaps ten times more powerful than a GSM phone, says Roger Carlstrom.

Informant: Iris Atzmon

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