Another volley fired at smart meters



Citizens? Group Seeks Injunction Against Smart Meter Program

A complaint has been filed under Section 47 of the Utilities Commission Act requesting an injunctive freeze on the wireless component of the Smart Meter Program without delay. This action is being taken to engage the Commission s administrative function as a regulator of BC Hydro in accordance with the rule of law; only by operation of the rule of law can the public interest in health, security, privacy and safety be factored into Smart Meter Program decisions.

Up until now, the Commission as a regulator has been left out and, with that, any consideration of the public interest has been eliminated from BC Hydro s decision. The action taken is about preserving the regulatory oversight and democratic process we uphold under the rule of law in British Columbia. BC Hydro cannot be allowed to act with impunity, without regard to the public interest, on a matter that raises serious concerns with respect to human health, environmental integrity, individual privacy and civil liberties.

The Clean Energy Act purports to excuse BC Hydro from having to obtain a BCUC issued Certificate of 'public convenience and necessity' but not with respect to the wireless and snooping components of the Smart Meter Program. The Commission is requested to issue relief on an urgent and interim basis, without hearing and without delay, so as to effectively freeze any and all activity being carried out by BC Hydro in contravention of section 45(1) of the Utilities Commission Act. Any delay in the issuance of the relief sought will allow BC Hydro to continue with unauthorized expenditures associated with the Unauthorized Extensions. This Action is taken to preserve and give weight to the public interest with regard to the deployment of the Smart Meter Program in British Columbia.

Media Contacts

David M. Aaron, Barrister & Solicitor
Tel: 250.551.6840 Fax: 866.685.7376

Sharon Noble, CST Legal Liaison, dsnoble(at)shaw.ca, Tel: (619)628-1947

Una St.Clair, CST Executive Director, una(at)citizensforsafetechnology.org

I hope you all will look for news articles, and make comments. We believe there is a good chance of setting a precedent here, and could use support from across the country in the media. CBC last night did a segment on the National which was weak and misleading. Here is a poll where I hope you will vote:

http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2011/12/are-you-worried-about-smart-meter-technology-in-your-home.html and comments here would be most appreciated.


Another volley fired at BC Hydro s smart meters




Return of the Beast

Video of smart meters being removed and returned.

Another video is being made about the forced re-installation by California Edison with armed Police backup.


PG&E offers Smart Meter Op-Out

After a long battle with protesters, California utility company Pacific Gas and Electric has offered a substantial concession to smart meter opponents, allowing them to keep traditional analog electricity meters at an extra charge, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.



Informant: Martin Weatherall


The interviewer says it straight: something is 'On the nose' = stinks/ fishy.

From Enrico Grani


Also, 3AW Mornings Presenters Justin Smith and Nick McCallum slammed Premier Ted Baillieu for not honestly addressing public concern and outcry about the roll out. Justin was adamant the Baillieu government's review was purely for political reasons.

'We have been absolutely and totally conned by Ted Baillieu. The government had absolutely no intention of issuing a stop to the program when they called for a review,' Justin Smith said.


'Smart meters will go ahead because too much money has been spent to pull back'

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Informant: Iris Atzmon


Smart Meters: Costs far outweigh benefits

Langley Advance News

Most people don t believe there is a health concern of idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF), because they...


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