UK.gov threatens to 'pull plug' on smart meter rollout

By Kelly Fiveash

Concerns were raised during a committee hearing in Parliament yesterday over the government's £12bn plan to rapidly roll out smart energy meters in the UK by 2019. A gap exists in communicating the benefits...


Smart Meter Complaint

Here is a link to the complaint we filed with the California Public Utilities Commission concerning the Smart Meter controversy in California:

Smart Meter Controversy in California


David L. Wilner
Wilner & Associates
Novato, California

Vermont Smart Meter Update

On November 1, 2011 the Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) held a workshop on its open Smart Grid docket. Originally this was not scheduled to be a public hearing. Vermonters who are opposing wireless Smart Meters picketed outside the PSB office for the hour prior to the beginning of the workshop.

See Fox TV News report at: http://www.abc22.com/story/15928665/vt-smart-grid-workshop-draws-protesters

Also Vermont Public Radio report at: http://www.vpr.net/news_detail/92419/

At the outset of the workshop PSB Hearing Officer George Young announced that he would provide time for public questions and comment. Initially Young queried the staff of the Vermont Department of Public Service (DPS) and the electric utilities representatives about the three drafts prepared by DPS to address issues regarding Automated Metering Opt Out, Privacy, and Cyber Security Protocol. The Vermont ACLU representatives posed questions on how usage data will be collected, stored, used, and protected from use without the consent of the individual ratepayer.

Matt Levin of Vermonters for a Clean Environment ( http://www.vce.org ) commented on the lack of information in the general public about the proposed wireless Smart Meter buildout that has resulted in late public awareness and difficulties for the public to have meaningful participation in the process.

Mr. Young then opened the workshop to the public who attended the workshop. A lengthy discussion followed in which the public questioned DPS s reliance on the FCC RF safety guidelines to protect the public from potential adverse health effects of wireless Smart Meter emissions, effects of RF emissions on wildlife and the environment, compromise of health, safety, personal security, electric grid security and privacy in Vermonters? homes because the system is relying on wireless transmitters.

James Porter, DPS s Director of Telecommunications Division responded that anyone who wants to Opt-Out of a wireless meter can do so. Opt-Out policy proposals call for a $10 per month charge to pay for manual reading of the retained meters. Porter stated that the Vermont Legislature has requested that the Vermont Department of Health do a study that includes a review of the scientific literature on effects of radiofrequency emissions and measurements of wireless Smart Meter emissions.

Mr. Young gave in-depth answers to the public s questions on the roles of the PSB and the DPS and the intricacies of the steps in the process for public participation. He concluded the workshop by modifying the process for Comment on the three specific DPS policy statements that were the original agenda of the workshop. Anyone who attended the workshop can submit written comment specific to the drafts that will part of the record. Commenters can make their submittals electronically without having to serve hard copies to all of the existing parties. Young also reopened the process to allow for late requests to become a party with standing on the draft policy language. Gaining party status allows the party to appeal the final decision on the policy language.

The EMR Policy Institute will provide the links needed to submit electronic comment when full information is posted to the Vermont PSB web site.

Boulder Finds 'Smart Grid' Slow, Pricey

Customers in California recoiled at the rollout of devices there, with a group of PG&E customers complaining about their accuracy and about the potential health effects of the wireless radio frequency emissions from the utility s smart meters...


SmartMeters send almost 10000 signals a day

SmartMeters are designed to communicate directly with the utility, eliminating the need for meter readers. Turns out they do a lot of talking. According to a document PG&E filed with the California Public Utilities Commission this week,...


Too many parallels to HST debacle in smart meter rollout

Globe and Mail

Which is why officials at the Crown corporation have waited until this month to launch a new ad campaign to persuade British Columbians that smart meters are a good thing. Driven by a government-imposed deadline, BC Hydro is already well into what it...


Some smart meters aren t so smart about Daylight Saving Time...

Problem 1: Hourly data recorded by smart meters. Conventional electromechanical meters don t do this; they are more like an odometer that merely advances...


Vermont Smart Meter Update


Hydro smart meters here in a month

By Phil Melnychuk - Maple Ridge News

About 38000 smart meters are about to be installed in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, starting in December and finishing early in the new year.


MFB probes smart-meter fire risk

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has confirmed it is investigating a possible link between house fires and the installation of smart meters. The MFB s chief fire officer Shane Wright said the investigation had been prompted by three fires in the past four...


Audio well worth listening to:


Informant: Martin Weatherall


PUC wants to hear from Nevadans about smart meters


Some are concerned about the health consequences from the electromagnetic radiation generated from the meters, and others say the meters are broadcasting personal information. NV Energy denies both claims. The PUC is accepting written comments for two...



Vermont and the opt-out provision

Intelligent Utility

'We are concerned that citizens with RF sensitivity who wish to lower their overall RF load have the right to their viewpoint. Electro-sensitivity is real...


More about the theme:


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