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St. Clair, who has also been diagnosed with EHS by a doctor, doesn t leave her house without a special hat and an undershirt woven with silver that is meant to ward off electromagnetic waves. For her, the fact that people are willing to drop everything ...



Retaliation by court because of my electrosensitivity - urgent help needed

I am suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity and I need a NJ attorney or other attorney that can help urgently.

I am writing to you in a plea for help. I was recently involved in a dispute with my land lord who falsely accused me of assaulting her. To make matters worse the police were called and they took my land lords side of the story over mine. As a result I was arrested. I attempted to explain to the officers that I required special accommodations due to my Electrical Hypersensitivity condition. I also offered them medical documentation from my doctor explaining my condition and requirements. However, they ignored my requests and instead concluded that I must suffer from psychiatric condition and admitted me to a psychiatric hospital against my will.

Unknown to my accuser and the police I recorded the entire event on my digital voice recorder. I requested special accommodations because of my disability and was happy for the opportunity to fight the Court for the rights of the electro sensitive. While the court provided some accommodations they were ridiculous, not such that would have allowed me to be there without getting sick. I appealed the decision but the court denied my appeal.

Because I had no time to prepare for court because of constantly dealing with the issue special accommodation appeal, I asked the Court to postpone the eviction case. I also asked the court to postpone the eviction case until the criminal case is over.

The Court tonight at 7pm informed me that it decided to hear both the eviction and the criminal case together ON MONDAY!!! This is not outrageous; this is CRIMINAL to give me 2 days to prepare my defense against criminal charges and not allow me to subpoena witnesses! To combine a civil and criminal case is unheard of!

The Court is retaliating because they messed up my special accommodation request. Yesterday they forced me to court for the first appearance in the criminal case. They were supposed to ensure there is no wi-fi but there were 4 bars of WiFi in the court room according to my WiFi detector. As a result I had increased blood pressure and other symptoms which I documented through a journalist who was present in Court with me. I am prepared to fight these charges but I need to retain an attorney before Friday.

While I have evidence that would prove I am innocent, I did not want to use it before trial to discharge the case because I wanted to use this as a way to fight the issue of special accommodation.

I also wanted to make this a case about the outrageousness of putting people with this condition in psychiatric hospital because ignorant cops/doctors think it does not make sense.

I tried to contact disability organizations and lawyers but they do not want to deal with this as our condition is too complicated and they do not want to bother.

These are truly important issues but I truly need help to fight it. It is an important fight for all of us.

Please help. Most importantly now is to find a lawyer.

Please forward this email to anyone you can.

If you can help, know an attorney/ someone in disability organization please contact via phone or email. My number is 908 369 3370 or 908 369 3917

Thank you

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