Citizens take up smart meter fight


These citizens are fighting our government and corporations, trying to prevent them from spying on us or poisoning us in our homes and work places with dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation. People, this isn t about effective delivery or...



Radiation From Smart Meters Raises Concern

City on a Hill Press

People are having symptoms of electrosensitivity - such as headaches, fatigue, depression, sleeplessness - but the long term could possibly even be tumors ...



Merritt council to request wired smart meters from BC government

Merritt News

Merritt city council will try to get the BC government to listen to its concerns over the safety of smart meters, even though Victoria has ignored a non-binding UBCM resolution calling for a moratorium. At last night's meeting, council passed a motion...


Smart meters: Are they safe?

Her headache isnt? just about a single meter: its? the prospect of more than a dozen BC Hydro devices being placed in the utility room thats? one slender wall away from her living room.



Smart Meter Fires

Working to Ban Smart Meters in Texas & Beyond?


Kent not feeling better about his Smart Meter

Dont' you just love how we are charmed into saving money? It has cost me more than a $1,000 to save that $12. But as the environmentalist pointed out, 'Dont' you feel better for it?'


Apartment Meter Banks


Informant: Martin Weatherall


'Stop Smart Meters' spokesman has a business related to campaign

Vancouver Sun

Walter McGinnis, the spokesman for the recently created Stop Smart Meters, has said the electromagnetic radiation emitted from smart meters is a health concern and listed it as one of the reasons to halt the program. BC Hydro refutes the claim,...



Time of use billing has always been the plan for Smart Meters

The Nelson Daily

Unclassified 1998 US Military information on the biological effects of low level radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation used for 'Non-Lethal' weapons. 'The study of electromagnetic fields and their influence on biological systems is increasing...



Merritt council to request wired smart meters from B.C. government

This is unbelievable! Did you know that there is a wired version of the smart meter so people do not have to be irradiated in their own homes by the wireless kind? Apparently it is called 'Itron' and apparently it is is comparable in cost to the wireless type we have all been forced to accept (under threat of having our power turned off) along with all of its dangerous health effects. Please pass this message on to others and communicate your absolute displeasure with your Hydro provider about why you were not given this safer choice. Ask to have your wireless meter changed immediately to a wired one.


... The resolution, motioned by Coun. Shelley Sanders, will contain a clause saying council 'appreciates' that a wired smart meter comes at a higher cost than BC Hydros' current wireless 'open way' meters. However, BC Hydro has not revealed the exact costs of a wired versus wireless meter.

'Thats' incorrect,' said Coun. Mike Goetz of the alleged higher costs for wired. 'They do, they (BC Hydro) just choose not to use it.'

Toronto Hydro and other utilities, for example, offer a wired smart meter (Itron) to customers. It can communicate back and forth with the utility through a phone line or modem that is hooked up to the meter....


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