Tower a tough sell to residents

Calgary Cell Towers

I am hoping to get some online responses/comments to a recent article in the Calgary Sun regarding a Cell Tower Rosemount residential community.

Please note the fight that prompted me to start Celltower.ca in Rutland Park with ROGERS and Grace Lutheran may heat up very soon as it looks like they have marked the easement of the gas lines and underground power in preparation to erect the tower see; CurrieTower.com for more information/history on the communities fight to stop the tower in this community.

Currently we are working on a response to head off the construction. It looks like we will be shooting next weekend some video footage for 'Sell Tower' the documentary. Stay tuned to the website SellTower.ca in the coming weeks.

Please forward to your lists regarding the link below;


Wayne Frisch,

South-west Edmonton community prepares to fight Telus



Stealth cellphone antennas deter rejection in San Francisco Bay Area cities


Informant: Martin Weatherall

More about the theme:


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